IndieWire recently reported exclusively that Earwig and the witch, Studio Ghibli's new film entirely in 3DCG, will be dubbed in record time in English in order to qualify for the film Oscar for animation. The news comes straight from GKIDS, who will release the film in US theaters within the next two months.

The 2021 Academy Awards, or if you prefer, me 93rd Academy Awardswill take place live on April 25, 2021, while the nominations will be announced in the previous month, and more precisely on March 15. All films screened in North America between January 2020 and February 2021 are eligibleFor this reason, Studio Ghibli decided to shorten sales times in the west.

Earwig and the Witch are set to debut in Japan later this year, and apparently the Ghibli boys seem very confident about working with the film. Another reason the studio intends to showcase its candidacy is because of the bad competition of the year as the five will be running films, according to Variety Wolf Wanderer - The Wolf People (Apple TV +), soul (Disney / Pixar), Next - Beyond Magic (Disney / Pixar), Across the moon - the fantastic world of Lunaria (Netflix) and the same Eariwg and the witch (Studio Ghibli). Also reported among the possible competitors Demon Slayer: Infinity Trainas long as Ufotable manages to get the film to the West in time.

Finally, In 2021, an anime was finally able to return among the nominees for the Animation Oscar, News that will surely make all fans happy. To learn more about the film, we recommend checking out the Earwig and the Witch synopsis, which is taken from Diana Wynne Jones' book of the same name.

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