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Yesterday wo Utatte

Chapter Nine: Christmas Carols

The Christmas festivities caught up with us in this new chapter of Yesteday wo Utatte. It seems that Shinako begins to take clarity regarding her actions, but, as always, this is not enough to run into Rikou's arms. Haru, who is dying to conquer Rikou's heart, begins to wonder how long she can continue to endure his rejection, and if playing at being her friend is enough to deal with not being reciprocated. Rou is still hopeful that he can gain enough maturity for Shinako, he has not understood that this woman only keeps her bond because that way she also keeps her brother; it should not surprise us, everything remains the same in it, it has only acquired small nuances.

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You want to do?

Haru was clear from the start that her love for Rikou would not be reciprocated. When the euphoria and the spirit produced by infatuation invade us, seeing clearly is difficult for us, it is not an option. Descartes thought that the relationship between soul and body was clear when we studied emotions. In one of his letters with his friend Chanut, Descartes explains how love works according to the source that produces it; be the soul, be the body. In the letter he explains that there are two kinds of love; the sensual and the intellectual. The first occurs when the body, feeling sexual attraction, disposes the soul to consider beautiful and good, that which at another time it would have only overlooked. The second occurs when the soul, facing what it has always considered good and beautiful, disposes the body to feel desire.

Sensual love ends when the need of the body has been resolved; Intellectual love remains until we contemplate more good and beautiful other ways of being. In this last episode, Haru's heart is disturbed. The question that turns your head is natural for anyone in your situation. To be or not, friend of Rikou, is not easy to decide. Love, contrary to what we might think it has nothing to do with belonging. She is uneasy not for the fact of not having it, because her love is not sensual, her love responds to the idea that has been formed of Rikou. Haru is suffering because he does not know how to handle his emotions, he has not yet understood that love does not depend on the loved object but on us. That's what your coworker tries to make you see when she asks you want to do?

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To love?

Loving is not a verb that is built between two, but it is lived in pairs. What we feel for another does not depend on that other, it depends on me, his presence or absence cannot change the fact that I love him. When love is so free it cannot cause pain. On the contrary, when we conceive love as a synonym of belonging, as a verb that is built between two, love becomes dependency and control. Love is not fed, not in a passive sense, but in an active sense. Others cannot control how we feel about them, they cannot force us to stop feeling. We can live without them and continue loving them because their idea is still imprinted on our hearts.

Being friends with Rikou is the least of Haru's problems, in any case, as it shows us Yesterday wo UtatteThe problem is that she herself suffers her rejection. None of us could judge her. Writing about love, talking about what it means to love, is not the same as feeling it and distinguishing between our thoughts. This that I write is not a guide, I do not pretend that it is a critic either, it is only a sketch between myth and reality. I think that when we write, hopelessly, we move away from the experience a little and embellish the words, leaving aside the crudeness of life.

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Final conclusions of Yesterday wo Utatte

Shinako concludes this chapter just like the previous one. In the beginning of this one, she only decides to continue maintaining a bond that keeps her close to her deceased lover. The ending is not that different, he just stays close to Rikou so as not to lose him. This character has taken green hair out of me, but I can't blame her. As I said, writing about her is not the same when I am in a situation similar to yours. Yesterday wo Utatte take unexpected paths with this character in whom I have regained my faith. I have not done it out of blind belief that he will finally be able to decide, but because in real life it is not simple just to keep going. Time always ends up taking us where we need to go. The current always drags us.

Each chapter I am closer to the screen, I can not detach. The drama of adult life is not the same as that of the adolescent, it has been well exploited. Normally we tend to think of this genre as boring and slow, however, being so close to daily life helps us rethink ourselves. Our thoughts are not usually clear, the magic of this anime is that it brings us closer to life without affecting us, in this way reflection is easier, and, unintentionally, it changes our lives. As always I would like to read what you think. I like to meet new opinions, see more than my short sight can achieve.


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