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Chapter 4: Colorful Girls

Momo meets Miwa, a young woman who has been molested and whose father has been fired for defending himself. Guilt gnaws at her, but through her strength, despite her fear, she manages to do something so that Momo can end the nightmare. On the other hand, Ohto gets stuck with Sachiko, but receives strength from Miko and Mako, who also face his nightmare. Kawai manages to get out of the trap and join Ohto to overcome the trauma that prevented the friends from getting a good night's sleep. Momo's head is on her friend Haruki, who she wants to save because she was her first love. Neiru, Ohto and Kawai begin to live together, with their differences, especially Kawai and Neiru, but with a pleasant atmosphere. The last one to join the equation is Momo, who comes in thanks to Ohto and thanks to a desperate cry for help from Sawake Momoe.

Chapter Opinion

This is the anime that got me thinking this season and that I needed to be able to think about my own life. I like how they touch sensitive subjects, attach meaning to them, and use metaphors that are somewhat literal. WEP It is interpreted in various places, and the conclusions that can be drawn are not meant to sink, become more depressed, but give hope, but with a lot of shock from reality. It doesn't tell you: you will be fine with the power of love and friendship, but you will be fine if you manage to face the problem, because the war is lost if you choose not to fight . And that can be better understood in this chapter and I hope I can address it properly.

New character: Sawake Momoe

And the fourth member joined the group. She was expected by him opening. I liked their opening scene, it was like talking to the psychologist, I even thought that was happening. It seemed great to me to focus on Miwa to tell about her experience, a good start because you don't expect it and it catches you, especially because of a very daily problem in the old normal and to this day: bullying. I think it seems to me that we all thought it was male or female, but with doubt. It was confirmed to us that she is female with a lesbian tendency and therefore has two characters with this quality. One of her sentences interested me, or rather her motivation: helping girls who tell her they love them.


This theme is related to subtitles below, they are really closely related. Why does she want to know that you love her? Do you need the outside to feel comfortable inside? When love is sought in another person and desperate from experience and read cases, it is usually from a sense of loneliness. The same thing happens with the fans, they try to fill their life with something or someone, definitely with a group in which they don't feel alone. The same applies to those who are harassed, who do not want to be heard and who do not want to be judged, that their integrity has not been delegitimized and they know that they are counting on others. Haruki's departure was Momo's loneliness. Yu-Yu's death was Miko and Mako's loneliness. Her mother's zero understanding was Miwa's loneliness. Do we really have to sacrifice for a good senior? I'm saying this for Miwa. Is Your Dignity Worth Some Money?

The problems are not just one

If the person remains trapped in their bladder, they isolate themselves from everyone, from friends, from family, even from their partner. It does not open and stay in its egg, blaming itself or the world for what is happening and just looking for excuses not to act. And even if it's your problem, this problem isn't just yours. What happens to you affects others, good or bad. You are not an isolated being who does not depend on others and at the same time others depend on you. Suffering means being pigeonholed, suffering does not mean acting, suffering means doing nothing. Therefore, the girls who come out are compelled to act, to do something, even if it is to guide their savior. And one of the things that I love WEP is that it tells you that when you cannot be alone, there is nothing wrong with relying on others. The idea is not to keep going on this harmful thing. And that's why I say that WEP It's a metaphor: it's a parable of how personal problems are addressed and that we consider: As long as there is life there is still hope.

The schemer Neiru, the trusting Ohto and the sweet Kawai

Which Neiru is the President of a Company ?! Did anyone expect it? I thought that was what Ohto said it would be the father's company. Neiru is a great mystery, every movement is fascinating. What other things will it have hidden?

On the other hand, Ohto quickly trusts and forgives even faster, says Ohto. But I agree that her charm and these traits can help people a lot. Ohto has proven to be reliable and trustworthy. When you add something general, doesn't it seem like you can help others help themselves? I have a feeling that this is what happens to the four girls.

The last side of the triangle is Kawai. Neiru and Kawai were accompanied by Ohto, but it turned out to be better than expected. Different personalities who complement each other towards the same goal. Something typical of Eastern cultures: Not because they are opposites, but enemies.


We got to see a bit of Momo's past and it goes without saying why this is so. Homosexuality has been a normal event for centuries: the Greeks had it (example: Holy Battalion of Thebes, Ephebos), it is even considered that it was practiced in the samurai culture. But of course social morality has treated this as taboo, as something abnormal, and this anomaly oppresses people and definitely makes them lonely. Having to pretend that they are not doesn't seem fair. Something like that may have happened to Momo. Dress as a boy to normalize your tastes in girls (and remember that people judge by their eyes first).

All of this was thanks to Haruki, who introduced her to the art of love. The latter's death is not clear, but if she is like stone, it is because she died by suicide.


And now the subject that is closely related to loneliness. Did you, in principle, realize that all deaths have occurred in WEP were they for suicides? At least in the chapters, it can be concluded that the suicides were products of feelings of loneliness, not being able to trust anyone, and that those people who were trustworthy were simply not trustworthy or have disappeared.

Suicide is a result of mental weakening, which does not mean that the person is weak in themselves, but that the constant stress is mentally filling them. Even the strongest can happen. Devaluation, feeling of loneliness, not seeking help, not getting it from those who were due, all of these make a person mentally bankrupt. It must be said, however, that not all suicides commit suicide for this reason. There are cases of conscience against such an act, especially in euthanasia. In a nutshell: According to the book Anthropology and death (although his data is from the mid-1980s), the highest suicide rate is between ages 13 and 22, when adolescence and adulthood begin. This is the strongest and most shocking traffic among people. Girls are in this field.

For the general good, especially in times of pandemic, if you have thoughts like this, try to contact professional help because you are not crazy and you have problems that can be resolved. Be sure to talk to someone you trust. Remember, your problems matter to others too.

You look like a model

Finally this topic. What's up is what Ohto said to Momo when she cried. Isn't it accepted as it is or do you feel like it is not accepted? Whatever the reason, it was wrong. Then he runs into Ohto and she tells him innocent, but that was a compliment. Sorry if I finish the anime but in The crownIn the discussion that Carlos and Diana had (chapter 6 or 7 of Season 4), both assert to the other that they also want words of appreciation, some "well done", "you try well". And yes, receiving that feels good, especially when it is needed. Saving good quality can save people, in which case it saved Momo from deep sadness.

This was the weekly contribution from WEP. By the way, I'm not optimistic but that doesn't stop me from saying things and I have a feeling that this anime can really help people who need it. He helped me. Hopefully we will know something about the professor or Haruki in the next chapter.


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