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Chapter 1 - 2: Children's area - conditions for friends

A desperate girl wanders through the city and comes across a surprising insect that takes her to other places and shows her an egg that she has to help. Ai ohno She is involved in rescuing a stranger who hatches from the egg, and there the girl has to face her fears to win, but at the expense of losing a nice person. However, her goal is to save her dead friend: Koito. She accepts the challenge of saving as many people as necessary to save them from the afterlife. She grabs another egg and rescues a gymnast who is abused by her trainer. She disappears, but a new friend has been found Neirowho, if they persist, accept their friendship.

Chapter Opinion

It won't be such a detailed review, it will be one that puts us in context and sees the ins and outs of this anime that definitely caught my attention and that's why I decided to write about it. Wonder Egg PrioriryIn principle it shows a very good animation, at least I did not notice a large deficit or bad drawing, it is kept in order and balance. The musical department, which I didn't feel that much, apologizes for taking care of the dialogues and details more, they do their job right in those moments. I'll be able to say something more about this in the course of the chapters. In terms of opening and finishing, it's not that I don't like it, right now I don't find it outstanding. More on this is also noted in the following reviews, this should go into this egg.

Actor: Ai Ohno

She is the main actress Wonder Egg Priority (WEP). At first she is shy and fearful with little striving and going out to escape her reality, to distract herself, and not for no reason. What haunts her is the loss of her first friend, who committed suicide because she was apparently molested in school. Ain ohno In her appearance, she is not a girl with great gifts, neither physically nor mentally, that is, a person who is far below the ordinary. She is fragile, thin, has short hair and heterochromia (her eyes are different colors) which is her most important characteristic, and maybe that's why she suffered bullying.

We don't know much about her past right now, but she was molested and her eyes were part of the problem I think. As far as I know, Japanese society does not accept differences, but prefers homogeneity in people, and if someone does not enter into the common, they are rejected from a young age. This happens with foreigners who study in their schools, children who suffer from this cultural aspect. Anyway: Ai He's a cowardly character and that's why he works well in this anime because only then will his growth be shown.


One of the things that get most fed up in the anime is when they talk about friendship, at least I start to get sick of it. Because of this, to some extent, anime is still seen as a product for kids / teens, in addition to characters in that age group. There are anime that do very well on this subject, such as the one about the rabbit Senpai, even Clannad with Tomoya and Sunohara's relationship. And the vast majority take it as a theme that the plot can twist, but with no depth or development. At least WEP it doesn't seem to go the latter way.

The issue is to save people who hatch from their eggs and help them rid themselves of certain evils that they have within them and that are externalized in this semi-dream world. Ai She is the girl who wants to get ahead for her friend and I think she was brought up well because of Koito It was the one who saved them from loneliness and those who were saved from that loneliness will understand how strong the feeling can be.

Koito Nagase and Neiro Aonuma

Just as we talk about friendship, we need to talk about the old and the new. Koito Nagase it's the old one, it's who Ai wants to save the one who committed suicide and who was bullied by her classmates at school, but much of her life is a mystery. It seems to have lesbian tendencies, at least the video captured by Ai There didn't seem to be any abuse in the school and their approaches weren't so decent as to call them pure. Did he love her? Why did he commit suicide? What "preferential" treatment did the teacher give you? These two chapters raise these questions.

The new friend is Neirothat is distant and cold, with a great loss of sensitivity. We know he lost his sister and wants her back, which is why he does the egg missions. She seems desperate for doing a lot of missions which makes her deadly. Funny what it says Ura-Acca about her: maybe she wants to die. And yes, it makes sense, both make sense: if you do your best, you will save her ASAP. If you do your best, you can die and lay off the blame for your sister's death. Both are viable options for someone desperate to believe and trust again, so they accept Aibecause he insisted and showed interest in her. But what secrets will it hide?

The egg

As I thought about it without trying to sound far-fetched, I realized that the egg is a symbol. Let me explain: the egg, for example, consists of two different parts, the inner and the outer. The outside, the shell, protects the inside, covers it so that nothing happens to it and it can continue in its state. What if the shell breaks? The content is distributed across the space outside of your container. In addition, the protagonist wears a yellow coat (a chick, an image associated with hatching).

We all have shells that we could call our safety zone that defends us from the outside. The shell can be different things: our truths, our room, our friends, the school, it depends on everyone. What if this goes away? Don't we feel insecure, restless, moody, desperate, as if we were buried and don't know what to do? When our shell breaks, we have no choice but to DEAL the problem, FIGHT the new reality. If it breaks, we need help, others and ourselves. You know, maybe we all live in our container (there are even sadnesses that make us feel safe).

The priority is the wonderful egg

I don't know English, but I think that's the most appropriate translation (correct if not). And it makes sense, not only do the girls hatching from the eggs have their shells, but the same ones too Ai Also fears that you have to face in order to make progress. In a way, we're all helpless eggs, some broken and some not. Maybe you are not wonderful to me, you may not even think you are wonderful to yourself (my case), but at least we are our priority because even if we help we are comfortable. Although we are not wonderful, we are our priority. By the way, the wonderful doesn't have to be beautiful, but it has to surprise and life is such a rare phenomenon that it is amazing that we are here. I think I have read in Death and its benefits that there is no other purpose in life than to live it.

I know more things and details were missing, but I didn't want to count the chapters, I wanted to look at this anime from a more personal perspective. I think it will be a good anime, I hope it doesn't disappoint.

PS: Ai is my waifu It's out of season.


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