Warning! This review on Tokyo Revengers Chapter two contains spoilers. If you haven't seen the episode yet, I recommend watching it and then going back to read the review.

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# 2 resist

Tokyo Revengers Chapter two begins with a summary of what happened in the previous chapter. Takemichi spent two days in Naoto's house and learned everything he needs to know about Tokyo Manji. According to Naoto's theory, he can go back to the day they were twelve years ago when they shook hands. Takemichi's mission is to prevent Sano Manjiro and Tetta Kisaki from meeting, and so the Tokyo Manji they know does not exist. With a handshake, Takemichi really goes back in time, and the situation is dire, as his status as a slave causes him to lose his willpower. About to give up a meeting with Hinata gives him courage back.

Even without knowing how his mission is progressing, Takemichi learns that the competitions will not stop and that the next to fight will be Takuya. Everyone knows Takuya is not a good fighter, but there is nothing they can do about it. Takemichi recalls that this fight almost killed his friend. Takemichi sees the camaraderie of his group of friends and understands the great friendship that binds them all. Later, when everyone has gathered to watch the fight, Takemichi plucks up his courage and stops the confrontation. His plan is to challenge Kiyomasa one on one.

A devastating target

The difference between reality and expectations can be very big. Takemichi's ability to time travel gave him a little bit of confidence that was bolstered by Naoto's intervention. Unfortunately, Takemichi ignored the basics, time travel means reliving things. There is no magic solution in automatics. Naively he believed that it would be easy to come from the future because theoretically he had more experience and knowledge, but the reality turned out to be overwhelming. The slave status of Kiyomasa's group would not just go away. In the beginning, that was the reason why I ran away in the beginning. If I relive the trauma, it makes sense that I should look for a way out again.

The situation is not easy on any level, his mission is to get closer to one of the leaders of Tokyo Manji, which is not easy as he is the lowest of the lowest. In addition, he has to experience his trauma all over again. Being a slave to Kiyomasa was never easy, he became a coward before his power. While you now have a second chance, it means nothing if you don't learn to take advantage of it. He was gripped by helplessness and fear, and nobody can really blame him. The fear, heartache, and pain he has suffered in the past are not things one would want to repeat. And finally, the possibility of change must begin in him, only when he changes will the rest change too.

Takemichi was aware of this earlier, but his mind was hit and hurt as soon as he returned to the past. He returned to the place from which he believed he had finally escaped. His cowardice is natural, and so are his excuses for himself. Being rational, he owes nothing to Hinata or Naoto, he could wash his hands if he really wanted to. I've run away before, nothing prevents him from doing it again. Yes, since Takemichi is rational, he doesn't have to endure the pain again. However, this story, and Takemichi in particular, is not rational, but completely emotional.

Determination to protect

After the overwhelming failure, Takemichi tries to get out of it all, but the comeback takes place, the emotions are renewed and a new boost comes to the fore. It is obvious that Takemichi is not physically strong, but he does have some stamina, an endurance that extends to the mental realm as well. The resilience of our protagonist is based on his feelings. Just like in the first episode, she just needed her emotions to warm up and rebuild her composure. Hanagaki isn't cold, in fact he's quite warm and friendly, so he can't help but love like that. He knows he's not strong, that he might be the one in need of protection, but he's not afraid to stand up for those who would do the same for him.

As I said earlier, Takemichi is completely emotional and sets his heart from pain and fear. He also has his own moral compass that guides him through his vortex of emotions. He's a coward, he doesn't owe anyone anything, he loves Hinata and she is a good person, there are so many emotions and thoughts, but for him things are cleared thanks to this compass: Hinata doesn't deserve to die, not for you. Actually, that's all he needs to refresh his mood as long as he believes in the right choice to push forward. He's not a strategist, but his naivete rewards him with determination and courage. Important ingredients if you want to protect something or someone.

In fact, it is these two things that he demonstrates in his decision to face Kiyomasa himself. The rediscovery of his friendship with Akkun, Takuya and the others led him to understand that he must protect them too. But as I said, the change must come from him, only then will there be effects on the future, otherwise things will only follow their course. Again, Takemichi is not a strategist. Facing whoever has already beaten him up isn't the most brilliant plan. But the courage and determination he shows already make him a winner regardless of the outcome.

Final comment

Tokyo Revengers Chapter two was an episode of learning and courage. In this chapter we first recapitulate what we already know and offer ourselves new data to solve the puzzle. While not a detailed explanation, we have a good understanding of Takemichi's time leap power, which can serve for many future theories. Moreover, this episode gives us a regression and an overcoming, neither superimposed on the other and they flow naturally. The trauma of the past and the hope for the future come together in this chapter without getting in each other's way, an excellent script work.

Before we close with the review let's talk about the ending, Koko by Iki wo shite by eill, it's a piece that is very musically stimulating. The rhythm is very pop-like, with some jazz notes, it's not as addicting as the opening, but it manages to stay in your head for a long time. As for the picture, he's very focused on Hina, two very special details are revealed, the necklace and the park. It oscillates between dark tones for Hina and light tones for Takemichi. There are some interesting details at the end, they pass quickly but there are photos of the members of the future Tokyo Manji, if you give your time there will be some spoilers in it.

So far, I'll leave you with the usual questions: What did you think of this chapter? Were you convinced of the time jump idea you used in this story? In addition to determination and courage, does it take strength to protect others? What is your opinion on Takemichi's mental strength?


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