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Chapter 21: Nightfall

Fiona, a spy nicknamed Nightfall, who is Loid's partner and in love with him, must inform her partner about a mission, but plans to get rid of Yor so she can become his partner's wife herself. senpai. He goes to the counterfeit house when there is no one but Yor there. He speaks to her briefly and brings up something that will go through Mrs. Forger's mind. Suddenly, the three missing persons arrive and the spies begin to speak in code. Anya realizes Fiona's intentions and becomes more affectionate towards Yor. In this small setting, Fiona realizes that there is something of sincerity in Loid's fake smile, so she decides to back off. Loid goes after her and there he tells her about the mission but not his feelings.

chapter opinion

Of the double chapters that followed, this one struck me as the most relevant at a story level, as it includes an exploration of the past, adds a relevant character, some character development (due to Loid and his possible luck), and moves the story forward. for the mission that will happen in the next chapter, or at least gave that impression. The other important thing is the appearance of Fiona who besides being a supporting character is also a rival which makes her more interesting. She made a good impression, moreover they showed us her very directly, she is a spy and she likes Loid, that's the most important thing we should know and it seems like there is nothing else.

To narrow it down, Fiona is one of the few characters we could classify kuudere (at least for his actions, not so much for his feelings) that I've seen in several animes. The amount of anime I've seen has gone down so I can't say they're gone, but they've gone down. I think it must be because it's difficult to deal with them within the plot. Anyway, at least for this first look, Fiona is interesting to me.

a possible luck

What caught my attention the most is what Fiona says about Loid that maybe he feels good or happy when he's like this. We don't know the details of Loid's life, but we do know that he lived through the horrors of war and therefore fights for peace. Based on this, we could assume that he lost his family in this war. With that in mind, although his fake family is for the mission, it's something a lot more relaxing than always being in action killing people, because now it's all about molding and raising a little girl to take care of her fake wife take care and stay calm a place you can call home. Despite the hustle and bustle, Loid must be comfortable with Anya, Yor and Bond.

The first jealousy

Reading the subtitle I thought it was either Yor's or Loid's jealousy but no, it went from Bond to Anya's penguin stuffed animal. The plot is not very complicated, Anya sleeps with the penguin, and Bond is jealous, so he bites him. When they wake up, Anya sees and tells Bond that she hates him. Yor tries to fix the stuffed animal but makes it worse. Loid fixes it and Anya and Bond reconcile, Loid wondering if it was that easy. I'll admit that this part almost brought me to tears, not because it's sad, but because of a reminder of it Clannade, when Ushio tells Tomoya that this was Dad's first gift and he doesn't want to lose the toy because of it. Relation?

From what they have shown the next chapter will be consistent and we will see how the plot moves forward. Maybe these last chapters are like that. I like tennis so I will enjoy this chapter (although I don't think it will exceed the laughs it gave me). Big blue).

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