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Chapter 13: APPLE Project

What is promised is debt and Loid takes his family to get a dog. The first are rejected because Anya does not like them, they decide to go to another place, but the father is confronted with an unexpected spy, mother and daughter go alone. A new mission of the whole barracks is to prevent the assassination of an important minister, for which they let one of the terrorists who discovers his whereabouts speak, but by this time Anya was already in trouble for chasing the big white dog, who pursued him...showed a future. As she flees from the kidnappers along with the dog, they manage to be captured and the moment they wanted to kill her, Yor comes to save the moment. Although they are not aware of this, the terrorists' plan has already begun.

Chapter Opinion

I feel the wait was too long but the second part SpyxFamily And I can't be too happy to get my fix Waku-Waku weekly. The story is well advanced and those who haven't seen the first part should check it out, it's a light but interesting anime, it's fluid, even the "filling" of the castle doesn't distract from the topic. This anime is not characterized by the complexity of the plot that it can have and I think it will have, but by the charisma of the characters and the very good fluidity.

From the two openings Y end up What it had was definitely the first ending theme for me, it feels more homey and goes great with the images passing by. I don't like the two new songs, but they didn't catch me. The visual section is still very good, maybe there are some subtleties, but I don't think it's something to highlight. In general it continues to maintain the quality of the first part and that is always appreciated.

international politics

As I pointed out above, it is not SpyxFamily is characterized by its ultra-complex storyline that questions the big questions of humanity. No, absolutely not (for now), although there are things being added that raise more mature questions. Not to be pretentious, when I heard about Ostania and Westalis as enemy countries, it reminded me of the 1984 conspiracy and fake war between Oceania and Eurasia and made me think, "What if the same thing happens?". I doubt the plot goes in that direction, but there is a great "adult" storyline in the background.

This chapter depicts terrorists about to assassinate a minister, and this would lead to the collapse of fragile diplomacy between the two aforementioned countries. This may seem minimal, but remember that assassination (the assassination of someone of great power) is not just anything, it could even start a war, as happened in 1914. The Forger family is literally the thread that separates war and peace. These details are interesting and add flavor to the story, so paying attention to these things is not irrelevant.

An unusual pet for an unusual home

Bond (yes that's his name, remember the spoiler alert comes first) we've already seen briefly in the previous chapter. Before I got to that, I think the dogs were taken out from the start yoyosI have no doubt because they even made poses to impress Anya (?yoyos A notice?). We then see him save a child and we appreciate his ability to read the future, only to find out later that it may have been a project's experiment to train dogs with a high cognitive level. Already when he is with Anya, a great complementarity between the two can be seen, even in the endings of the comic moments when he was aggressive, for example, and sees the iron to get behind the little girl.

Seeing him in action, although he can't fight like the first ones, he's a dog that would suit the counterfeiters very well, precisely because he's too peculiar like the family members who seem to have power (maybe it's normal that someone can disguise themselves so well or climb onto the roof in two steps?). It's definitely Forger stuff.

"Don't mess with my daughter"

Yor cannot take good care of her, she is very concerned and almost always attentive, but it is precisely in this minimal negligence that everything spirals out of control. Of course, her responsibility is impressive, as is her strength, because as soon as she listens to Anya, she goes after her and, as we saw in the chapter on the aquarium, defends her "daughter" without measuring her strength when she is the reason misunderstood. So far I laugh when I remember her thinking they were going to force Anya to get married (would that be another moment in Latin America? although it needs to happen in some parts of Asia and Africa too).

In the next insurance chapter, Bond is already settled in the family and ends this mini-plot of the ministerial assassination to move on to something else. I mean things like that when I say he has a lot of fluids. Wonderful comeback.

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