This review of Soredemo Ayumu wa Yosetekuru contains spoilers. If you haven't seen the chapter yet, we encourage you to do so and then come back to read the review.

chapter summary

Tanaka invites Urushi on the last day of Golden Week and accepts his invitation, thinking it's a date but no, it's a club outing. Takeru also joins in, except that a few days earlier he had a trip with Sakuraku to find a four-leaf clover, which brought him great luck. The outing begins with personal competitions between Rin and Ayumu, while Urushi waited he met Maki and her friends. within the Shogi Club he does what he can, among them, compete. in the machine ice Hockey Urushi and Ayumu's team loses and has to buy refreshments for the winners, only they make a detour to take photos. In the end it was a day with good memories. Already at school... Sakuraku receives a statement, but he manages to clarify his feelings from Takeru...

chapter opinion

It seemed like a pretty standard chapter to be honest, entertaining without much meaning, but there were two things that woke me up: the photos of Ayumu and Braids-chan and the post-credits conversation between Sakuraku and Takeru, those I enjoyed both of these things more than I expected. One criticism throughout the chapter, which is understandable and even legitimate within animation studios, is the use of static images where they are supposed to be in motion, such as in games. I feel like this is the chapter where static images were used the most. Again, that's understandable, but it really makes you want to see how these events are developing knowing how competitive they can be.

I'm enjoying it more and more End, not because it's the last part, but because (although I don't understand the lyrics) I feel that it conveys the feelings of both characters, especially Urushi. Entertaining chapter with two very nice moments (at least for me).

The Golden Week undated

I haven't heard from the wonderful Golden Week for so long. I don't know if I've stopped watching so many school animes but I don't watch them that often anymore and maybe it's because this subject has been overused that it's been left behind (correct me if I'm wrong, I'm trying to remember animes used this week). Finally, the problem here is that the Shogi Club came out together. We already know that Braids-chan, who was waiting for a date, backfired, but she still got her way because of the photos. Such things that may seem insignificant at the time or in general are moments of happiness captured between two people that, when they see each other, inspire joy or nostalgia, depending on what happened next.

The photo of them taking the symbol of peace brings back many memories, one of which is from the manga cover of Hiyokoi, where the characters make this sign and the protagonist had a chick on her head. If I liked it that much, I think it was out of nostalgia. But regardless, Urushi himself knows and recognizes that it was wonderful to do that, and for his part, Tanaka wanted him to have a pictorial memory of her.

Noticed Sakuraku?

To a certain extent, the quest for the four-leaf clover felt like filler material, which without the post-credits scene was half justified by Takeru wanting to get what came with the stuffed animal. Luckily it didn't stop there, it expanded and served as a catalyst for Sakuraku's understanding of his feelings. Of course, the rejected future had something to do with it (I don't know the reasons why it was explained, but I suppose it's something superficial in everything because she interacts almost exclusively with Takeru), only that without this quest, you maybe didn't have something in mind that made her feel what she was feeling at that moment. ClichΓ© scene, yes, it's also effective that I can't deny that speaking directly can do things in people. So good development.

I hope the development continues and there is a happy ending.

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