This review of Soredemo Ayumu wa Yosetekuru contains spoilers. If you haven’t seen the chapter yet, we encourage you to do so and then come back to read the review.

chapter summary

Takeru went to the club to perform, which made Tanaka semi-jealous as it was taking up time with his senpai, but Sakuraku managed to hypnotize him and get him out, allowing the love between the protagonists to run its course. The shogi “club” will not be able to perform at the festival, but at least Tanaka and Urushi will have a date proposed at his initiative. The same day, he helps her sell her products and forces Takeru to buy from her and finally have the expected date where they had a good time, although she was very scared of her because on top of that she ran away in fear She. The promise of a future festival date or club appearance remains.

Chapter Opinion

It’s my first time watching anime on a medium sized screen with good resolution. I usually watch it on a mobile phone and on this device the minute details can be missed. Despite this, it still looks good in general, except that there is some distortion in the faces, mostly Tanaka’s, but nothing serious or serious. The other thing is that the color palette is fall or winter, I lean more towards the latter and this may also be due to the color of the uniform (black) of the high school they study at. The last thing is that it sometimes looks blurry or “unpainted” in the corners, like those ancient Japanese and Chinese drawings that didn’t paint the whole paper. I like this kind of effect.

On the story level there isn’t much to comment on in my opinion, the chapter was good, I love it and I’m getting red diabetic with them, but so far it’s an anime to enjoy and hang out with. One last thing, I feel like I’m getting depressed by the memories I associate the anime with, but all good.

Takeru, the good friend

This character seems to me very good, although in the beginning he presented himself as a kind of rival of the protagonist, but now he sees himself as a friend and very reliable, who has a past with him and with Sakuraku, who is the romantic interest. It shows that he is someone of high values ​​and ethics, so much so that despite knowing he is a ghost of the shogi club, he shows up because as a member of the club he has to go at least once a week. He also understands Tanaka’s feelings and agrees to buy what was left of Urushi for sale. Everything is fine with this boy, although I have a feeling that he might eventually clash with Tanaka if he does something wrong (something quite similar to what happened between Tomoya and Sunohara in Clannad after the story).

His relationship with Sakuraku seems a bit toxic to me. She’s cute, but I really disagree with the abuse of hypnosis. Is there a reason for this action? If so, I’d love to see it because I really don’t want to get uncomfortable with Sakuraku. Anyway, they still like each other, so who am I to judge?

A date, the first date

Tanaka said: I want a date with you senpai. At first it was supposed to be a trip to recruit members for the club, but when they were about to start their tour, she accepted the appointment with some embarrassment because it was her first. When Maki said it was Urushi’s first date, although that was expected, I understand Tanaka’s delight knowing this was his first time. In the mini course they show us, Braids-chan shows her lack of athletic ability and her fear in the ghost course. The interaction between the characters is very good and in that sense there is not much to comment on, just watch and enjoy and hope that their relationship will continue to develop and that they will emerge, although this is difficult since Tanaka does not have it will be able to easily beat Braijan.

At the end there are promises for the future which is why they still think their friendship and relationship will go on without any problems, honestly I hope so to suffer a lot from the character development. Anyway, I love it no matter what I want.

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