Ten years have passed since the conclusion of the animated series dedicated to the work of Tite Kubo, nevertheless during the last edition of the Jump Festival A new season of Bleach has been announced, focusing on the Thousand Years Bloody War saga. Meanwhile, the protagonist's voice actors participated in an interview.

At the end of the news you will find the video shared by the official VizMedia Twitter account, in which the official Japanese and American voice actor of Ichigo Recreate a famous scene from the Bleach anime. The message was appreciated by the many fans of the series who were eager to see the adaptation of one of the manga's newest story arcs. Masakazu Morita and Johnny Yong Bosch will once again be the voice of the famous protagonist, while the direction of the anime has been entrusted to Tomohisa Taguchi, already known for his work in Akudama Drive and Twin Star Exorcist. Studio Pierrot, on the other hand, will produce the next unreleased episodes, which will be available to watch from October 22 next year. What do you think of the unexpected Return of Bleach? Let us know by commenting on the news.

Finally, we recommend this interview with the director of Bleach, in which he talks about Ichigo's next enemies and the other characters he wrote and drew Tite Kubo.

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