This review of Soredemo Ayumu wa Yosetekuru contains spoilers. If you haven't seen the chapter yet, we encourage you to do so and then come back to read the review.

chapter summary

Urushi and Tanaka are the only members of the unofficial shogi club, but they keep an open secret, they both like each other, only Tanaka promised not to admit it until he wins a game. He also pays her several compliments which reveal his true intention to be the shogi, the weapon to have her around. They both have a good time although he has the suggestion to return to the kendo club but he reassures her by saying that he will never leave Shogi. Urushi isn't good at sports, she's too clumsy, and Tanaka insists on cheering her up with some very direct hints. The most daring thing is to go under a single umbrella together and get your shoulder wet as long as it comes out unscathed. He already knew her address, what dark secret can this well-meaning boy keep?

Chapter Opinion

When I found out the manga is from Soichiro Yamamoto (same author of Karakai jouzu no Takagi-san) I said to myself β€œYOU HAVE TO SEE IT!”. I like this kind of romantic comedy with a lot of innocence because I'm not a bon vivant fan service and I go for the quiet, plus it brings me very personal nostalgia. So I took a chance and I enjoyed at least the first chapter and left me scenes that I will remember fondly. But from a more objective point of view I don't think it will offer much as this first chapter was a presentation of the characters, their motives and part of their past as well as the interaction between the two. I can't think of anything more to add to avoid repeating myself and I hope I'm wrong.

In short, the first chapter seemed nice, tender yes, but I don't think it's captivating. Whoever likes this kind of anime will like it, whoever doesn't, well no. On a visual level it's normal, it's not that great quality is required. I also regard the sound part as normal, it fulfills its function without overtaxing the viewer. That opening seems normal to me End I liked it more mainly for the visuals, in the first one I feel like they are separate images that are not very intertwined (although I liked the dance) and the last one I find more appealing because it has a mini storytelling seems -story. A matter of taste I have a good impression, it was more or less what I expected.

It's not another Takagi-san!

After the anime's release, memes and comparisons are inevitable, especially when it comes to fronts (worse when they're by the same author). It's definitely not Takagi 2.0, absolutely not. The interactions are different, the personalities of the characters are different. Urushi is not stoic, she is more transparent and shows through her what she "shouldn't" show. Kohai, moreover, his attitude is more eccentric. Comparing them, I see Takagi as a normal girl compared to Urushi, who she might even classify as the "crazy" in the room. I will say more about Tanaka in the next review.

Another huge difference is that they are not jokes to be played, nor are they challenges or challenges where you have to win because you have to win. Although it may seem so from Tanaka's side, he doesn't say what he says with a desire to tease or win the challenge (because beating him in shogi is important to him and he would only act). Anyway, Urushi will be my cleaner for the season (along with Rico), bearing in mind that although the length of the forehead is the same, not everyone has the same brain.

Shogi is the excuse

Shogi is the excuse to have her around. Shogi is the point of union of both, although it is Urushi's passion and that's why Tanaka wants to enter the heart of Miss Braids. After a few years of seeing Sangatsu not a lion I can't see Shogi like that anymore, its dynamic and what can be done with this board game can be a huge advantage. However, it's not the central theme, it's just the point of convergence, because the focus is on the relationship between the two characters. I liked the Invincible Castle thing, especially for the use Urushi gives to it and how it's approached by Tanaka. So what the shogi, don't separate the kendo.

Very significant "non-essentials"

I really liked the little braids the way it is, you can tell she has a passion for shogi and when she talks about what she likes she feels a pleasure that even brings joy (in this case she has to say that it is that was a good job by the seiyus to convey the emotions of the characters), it reminds me of someone I've met and I can assure you it's a pleasure to see the girl you like like that. On the other hand, I loved the last part showing Tanaka getting his shoulder wet. Kotaro lives alone He taught me the background and the very important meaning of such an act, it's something done by someone you value deeply because it harms you (clothes also get damaged by the rain).

For me it was a good start. Although I have to admit that Urushi seems a bit exaggerated to me. We'll see what fate has in store for the anime. I stress that I haven't read the manga, so I don't know what's to come.

PS: It seems to me or the mina multiplies and is there a nagatoro?

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