The following review of Mahouka Kouko no Rettousei 2 chapters two It contains spoilers. If you have already seen the chapter, please read on. Otherwise, you can watch it on one of the platforms and come back. Beware, this series is full of confusing and very scientific magic. Headaches if you don't understand the terms are completely normal. Have fun with the evaluation.

2019 勤 島 勤 / KADOKAWA / 魔法 科 高校 2 製作 委員会


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We return to the second episode of Maouka Kouko no Rettousei in which access to this arch is made with the presence of refugees from the US who have crossed the ocean to land in Tokyo Japan and conduct an apparent compatibility experiment. The unsuccessful attempts leave the victims behind, because "implanting the copy", which completely blocks the connection of the individual, has led to the same result as the rest, a complete absorption of the "psions" of the "sample blood". but these came back to return instead of remaining stable within the individual. Words more, words less, "Even with the right attributes when they lack strong desires," which means they don't resemble those defectors ... For more answers, the violent social experiment needs to be continued a little more.

2019 勤 島 勤 / KADOKAWA / 魔法 科 高校 2 製作 委員会

Rumors quickly spread in the First High School of the National University of Magic, where many are already talking about the appearance of lifeless bodies, apparently showing the same picture, a significant blood draw. In the middle of Class E, where the main subject is the vampire who plagued Tokyo, Erika Chiba approaches Tatsuya Shiba with a possible analysis of the "A Professional Criminal Organization" situation, who is acting instead of organ trafficking. he does it with the blood of his victims. According to Tatsuya, 10% of the victims' blood disappears so they cannot be blood dealers since that sizeable percentage cannot kill a person, so it wouldn't make sense ... well, every body is abandoned and unused by the blood supply and it Source for black marketing. It is also clarified that many of the bodies show no signs of violence or struggle. Mizuki Shibata believes that it could be a supernatural being, but before the logic of Mikihiko Yoshida who can see spectra and more like Mizuki, it's just something that cannot be ruled out but also cannot be confirmed, but something is certain they are not human currents that practice these drains. Tatsuya concludes that it could be a magician who is committing these misdeeds, a point that caught the attention of Saijo Leonhard.

The issue of blood drainage gained in importance during the break, as Honoka Mitsui had a conversation with Kitayama Shizuku, who told her that these events in Japan also took place in the United States, but on the southwest coast near Dallas. . In the middle of the night of January 15th, the Stardust division of the Military Pursuit Team took to the streets of Tokyo to track down the possible perpetrators of the crimes. But this masked man has been offended because he has not been followed by a group of important magicians as he believes they still consider him weak or a simple satellite-class magus. This villain's name is revealed as Deimos Second, a wanted deserter. Both Stardust girls try to attack the enemy, but he uses a path warping spell to dodge the bullet because apparently nothing is wrong with the spells used to stop Deimos. It's just that this man no longer uses them or owns a CAD.

These two young Stardust girls are about to die from the quick attacks and blocks of Deimos Second until a vector reflection spell appears out of nowhere that prevents this man's attack. This magic came from Angie Sirius while Saijo Leonhard is fighting in another part of this park against the one who murdered another young woman by draining her blood. This fight starts unevenly, however, as the victim has carbon armor under his coat. Before Saijo Leonhard's life goes on another plane, Angie Sirius emerges from the darkness, who is now pursuing the suspect who manipulates the caster jamming and completely disappears from the radar and Angie's sight. Erika later receives a call and the following day, January 16, all the boys arrive at the hospital to visit Saijo Leonhard after the attack, who in the end was lucky enough to be found by the police chief, Erika's older brother. According to Saijo Leonhard's description, his opponent and attacker had a hat, mask, long coat and despite his strength ... He felt that this person was a woman.

Mikihiko Yoshida's conclusion is as follows: A parasite can be the cause of the superhuman strength of Saijo Leonhard's attacker. Well, if she is a woman, she could have a paranormal parasite, a supernatural insect, a ghost, an evil spirit, a genius, a demon, more specifically beings with magical properties that cling to people and turn them into little more than Transforming the human. Based on this conclusion, Mikihiko Yoshida must now examine the Ethereal Body or the Spiritual Body, an accumulation of life forces that live in every being and that may be affected by Saijo Leonhard, as Mikihiko believes that monsters that eat human flesh absorb energy . to nourish oneself spiritually by flesh and blood and so. Perhaps it wouldn't be crazy to think that these attackers are really vampires who are absorbing people's spiritual energy. According to the review Mikihiko Yoshida, a former caster, did on Saijo Leonhard's ethereal body, it is this: He also ceases to be an ordinary person because for the amount of stolen spiritual energy, it is that he is young in a coma and with no sign of movement, but Leo is better off despite the circumstances.

Apparently this strange parasite is responsible for recent events attributed to vampires, but it is surprising that this parasite, which can only absorb mental energy by touching it, does the annoying job of absorbing the blood of its victims. While Erika Chiba's older brother heard the boys talking in the room and assumed that Mikihiko Yoshida's hypothesis might be correct, Erika Chiba intends to act and attack those who have been looking for a fight. In the "Maximillian Devices - Tokyo Branch Office", where Angie Sirius hears the report of the two Stardust girls, one of them explains in detail that after cornering with Deimos Second they used a caster jamming to block his CAD, but it worked not with him, while Deimos announced that he no longer needed CAD. These stories surprised Angie Sirius, because apparently Sergeant Sullivan went psychic, which is in the affirmative, but even with this one he didn't change his Psionic Wave traits, and thanks to this, they recognized him. Unfortunately, the psionic waves of the other subject accompanying Sergeant Sullivan could not be detected.

In the middle of the school, ex-student presidents Mayumi Nanakusa and Katsuto Jumonji speak in the section "First High School, Extracurricular Activities, Federation Base" on the subject of vampires and how they fell behind with 24 casualties Tokyo, a figure unknown to the police only Saegusa family, or the Mayumi family, who hid the corpses of those who have a connection to their family or who worked for them, so the conclusion of the arrival of both young elites is that the vampires are only wizards with magical potential chase after. But the weirdest thing is that it could be a super soldier or a powerful wizard, but both characters know everyone who has great power in Japan and agree that it could be a foreigner who recently arrived in the country. Now Mayumi Nanakusa has a direct message from Saegusa Koichi, the leader of the Saegusa family and father of Mayumi. They want to work and team up with the Jumonji family who Katsuto Jumonji accepts without imitation because current events are not waiting to join forces.


Welcome once again to what is most expected by many this 2020 and with things being complicated everywhere, there is no better way than to divert our minds with these series ... the problem is that the person verifying this, this would mean that I had the difficult task of understanding the scientifically complicated terminology of each chapter. Yes I hope you appreciate this review because my head got into an internal conflict not to get carried away with madness ...


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