The following review of Mahouka Kouko no Rettousei 2 - Chapter 12th Contains spoilers. If you have already seen the chapter, please read on. Otherwise, you can watch it on one of the platforms and come back. Warning, this series is full of confusing and very scientific magic. Headaches if you don't understand the terms are completely normal. Have fun with the evaluation.

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Mahouka Kouko no Rettousei 2 - Chapter 12

It's night in Tokyo and the brothers Fumiya Kuroba and Ayako Kuroba are waiting in a hotel for tomorrow's event in the “Tokyo Offshore Tower”, a tower in Tokyo Bay with a height of 2000 meters. with 360 plants above the ground and 36 plants below. It is the first hyperconstruction in Japan. The job of these two young wizards is to get information from the base of the Front of the New Race and the source of its funding. Well, even though Fumiya's morality suggests that they should prevent a terrorist attack by this organization, the reality is that their job is simply to obtain information as that is the position that the Kuroba family occupies as a branch of the Yotsuba family ten master clans. It is April 7th, 2096 and Tatsuya Shiba Miyuki Shiba's meeting point is in the "Tokyo Offshore Tower", where, at the invitation of Kitayama Shizuku and Honaka Mitsui, they are attending an ancestry event held in the Sky Lounge, the last floor of the great Tower. This magnificent structure is supported by four huge pillars, each pillar being held upright due to the gyroscopic effect of the flywheels installed in the 36th underground and every 60 floors from the first underground. In the event that the flywheels stop working due to a power failure, the wizards stationed in the subway will make the flywheels spin. They also reduce the friction of the vibration dampers that support the pillars and improve the effectiveness of the basic isolation.

In the middle of the party, Tatsuya and Miyuki notice Hayama's presence, which he said was on behalf of Maya Yotsuba as his representative, which arouses curiosity in Tatsuya because Maya is present, because something worries him about this place. Sakurai Minami appears right in front of Tatsuya and Miyuki, the latter is surprised by the fact and shows a somewhat uncomfortable demeanor, but this girl is more than a bodyguard for Hayama because Sakurai is the niece of Sakurai Honami and as the personal assistant to Miya and who is going to be now be Miyuki's future personal assistant. In front of the Tokyo Offshore Tower, Ayako Kuroba waits for a visual confirmation of the possible terrorists of her brother Fumiya Kuroba, who plays the role of the closest observer, disguised as a woman. Two suspects in utility company power uniforms heading for the submarine power cable inspection port. Ayako's goal is to catch the suspects after they have carried out their first act as terrorists, which is tampering with the power cables, because if they are captured afterwards, these men will be unprepared.

First Ayako will hide the cabin with "Perfect Diffusion", then it will send it to her brother Fumiya with "Simulated Teleportation". Upon reaching the location and without these men noticing, Fumiya attacks with "Direct Pain", a short-range attack that incapacitates the enemy. These two brothers play a team role, one is the attacker and the other is the support, as it is important that the enemy does not notice the support, but the attacker's role is to subdue the enemy in the shortest possible time. Ayako acts quickly and brings Fumiya out of the place that seems to be under attack from the outside. They only sense the presence of two external attackers, but are stopped by Fumiya. The backup names for these two brothers are Yoru (Ayako) and Yami (Fumiya) as these two need to protect their identities. From a distance Tatsuya notices the psionic presence of Ayako and Fumiya and notices that this couple skillfully executed the enemy. These unconscious men belong to the Front of the New Race, a group of supremacist radical magicians who will now be prisoners of the Kuroba family and the Yotsuba family.

Meanwhile, Tatsuya tells Miyuki what happened to the Kuroba brothers outside while understanding Hayama's presence. Tatsuya tries to organize the facts and information regarding the group opposing the anti-magical prejudice "Front of the New Race". This group claims that magicians are the most evolved form of humans and seek to build a society in which magicians rule. At the moment it is not known what this radical group wants, but thanks to Fumiya and Ayako, the sabotage of the power cables that power the tower has been prevented. In basement 35, in the waiting room for wizards, is the leader of the terrorist group along with other members who, after realizing that their original plan has failed, will fall back on B. First they will put the guards out of action. Security and magicians on deck 35 then take over the power control room on the 34th floor, disconnect the power supply for the flyers and contain the control center on the first basement floor. Quickly and on the top floor of the tower, the guests of the meeting experience a power failure and the possible immobilization of the stabilization flyer of the tower posture.

The extremist group Frente de la Nueva Raza opened a statement in the tower reiterating that their goal is to restore the rights of magicians. They also affirm that they do not want to harm anyone but that these guests are witnesses to what will happen overnight. They announce that in this tower the magicians are used as slave labor in the depths of this tower. They also confirm that these magicians are forced to sacrifice because if the building falls they would all be buried in basement 35. In this "action" the radical group will make the decision to activate a bomb in the tower in an hour. She calls on everyone present to flee. However, if someone interferes in their affairs, the bomb will explode instantly. Therefore, the terror group hopes that most of the people will go out and just witness the magical story in Japan.


Let's start with this section by giving you my opinion on the series and the chapter in general. So without further ado I will say Lina we will miss you! But we know you will return, and not just in the opening or in the end. Let me start by saying that this chapter has twisted the story we carried around the thread of the parasites and the battle over them. Now they bring us a terrorist attack similar to last season that connects several loose ends if we remember the clarifications made by one of the seven wise men Raymond Sage Clark (Ray). But beyond that, they have brought us the participation of new characters who could be of great importance to the lives of our protagonists, as Miyuki's feeling for Tatsuya and the direct competition she faces for the love of Tatsuya becomes more and more evident. his brother.

It's not just about understanding that history leaps and bounds to move forward, it's also about pointing out events that have happened that we may not have fully understood but are now taking shape. Also the association of some companions who become more mature in their actions and more experts in their attacks and skills as sorcerers. Now Tatsuya, Mikihiko and Mizuki have risen as magicians and wear the shield on their uniforms so that their skills have more grace in what is to come in the series. Erika and Leo have stepped up their response to attacks and ties to Tatsuya. We know Honaka and Pixie will go hand in hand as support tools for Tatsuya and Kitayama can share any information received from Ray. Now these classmates and classmates are facing another terrorist attack, and this time with the complicated situation of falling along with a 2000 meter high tower ... but this is where Miyuki's new member and future assistant Minami Sakurai will enter. in action.


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