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Komi-san Can't Communicate 2 - Chapter 4: Merry Christmas

comic receives a sudden message from Najimi the announcement that they will be having a Christmas party at comic, so he asks her to buy a Christmas present for everyone. So comic takes his brother shosuke To help you. Despite wanting to return home due to his sister's indecisiveness, he ends up helping her to the end.

because of the nerves comic receives all her friends in front of her house and surprises them by congratulating her not only on Christmas but also on her birthday, which would be the next day. And they give him his present, a very big cat as part of everything.

during the party yamai takes at the end the 'king game', so everyone starts playing, including Schukothe mother of comic, who gives the toughest order. At the end, comic At the end she says goodbye to all her friends and sends them a thank you message for everything they did for her that day.

Komi-san Cannot Communicate 2 - Chapter 4

The best present

I enjoyed that Komi-san cannot communicate 2 - Chapter 4 focuses solely on the Christmas arc and shows the points of view from both sides, Komi and her friends. That way I could better assess each of the situations around him. One of the most important is the competition for "the best gift". Although, as before, the choice of Tadano was the winner. Honestly, of it Plush/Pillow/Dakimakura (or what I eat, however it's viewed) is a gift I would proudly show off, no matter how long it's been given to me or how special it is (which it would be), by having everyone's "feelings".

By the way the Santa Claus is dancing have a 'I do not know what', that makes me want to see him dance for the first few days, then it'll be postponed until next Christmas, but it'll have the same initial effect of wanting to see him dance all the time. it sucks but i love it.

In the end, the undisputed winner of the “competition” stood. Tadano. However, I would have liked to have seen a bit more of how he found the gift and decided it would be a good idea to give it together comic. Did you make up your mind when you saw the price given out by the competitor's single budget? Found this by accident and thought it would be the perfect one for comic but out of embarrassment he better decided it was everyone's? I feel this choice of gift Tadano had more story to show about the character. But I also accept that this is more my business and not a customization issue. In fact, I think customization is in Komi-san cannot communicate 2 – The chapter is very well done, I didn't feel the slow episode despite being a single mini arc unlike others previous episodes.

Komi-san Cannot Communicate 2 - Chapter 4

As for the gift you chose comic, I would have liked to see him choose a specific one for each of his friends. As well as his efforts to get them to everyone. give the last Tadanogetting her a special present for her even if it wasn't a super shocking thing for everyone else, like the scarf.

Of course I loved that scene comic Shopping full of moments with "comicCat“.

By the way, I was quite surprised to hear the voice of shosuke. And more to know that he can speak normally if he wants. It seems to me that he's more like his mother in some ways. He may not have the same personality, but he doesn't suffer from the same disorder as his sister or father.

Komi's choice

I don't want to get back to the topic of the donation comic, but rather how the character demonstrates more and more of what has unfolded as the anime progresses, while still maintaining his own safe zone. For example the same shosuke He saw that his sister's expression was different than before. But more importantly, how Komi got used to a surprise party.

Without a doubt the decision Tadano call Najimi for the birthday of comicand the Najimi will call right away comic to inform him about the sudden party at his house. Something I would really appreciate in his position comicI prefer to have a little time to prepare for surprise everyone.

Now the party was not only for Christmas, but also an early celebration for a birthday comic. And given the shy personality of comic, I thought that he would take every opportunity to "clear his head" and not get overwhelmed by the great visit he was receiving. So I see it as normal that she chose to sit next to it Tadano. To the point that even if they weren't next to each other, she got up from her seat to go to her "safe zone."


For my part, I put myself in the position of Tadano At that moment, my ego would shoot sky high. After all, I won the contest to sit next to the main lady of the party and do nothing. Next, comic with braided hair she looked 10/10.

I think in a single arc they managed to show how quite well comic he has started noticing his friends. Still nervous around her, but not like she was at first. The character seems to have developed very well so far Komi-san cannot communicate 2. Finally, since there is more to learn, this is still friend' where you can feel safe like at Tadano.

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