Warning! This review on Kamisama ni Natta Hi The final chapter contains spoilers. If you haven’t seen the episode yet, I recommend watching it and then going back to read the review.

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# 12 The day you choose

Kamisama ni Natta Hi The final chapter begins with the news of Youta’s imminent departure from the rehab center. After his cover was canceled, he asks for a little more time in a final attempt to connect with Hina. Despite his multiple attempts, Hina does not connect with him and is eventually led out of the facility. At the last minute, however, Hina asks about Youta, pushes Shiba away and approaches him. Eventually, Hina returns home to the Narukami and a new life begins for everyone. Sora’s film is finally finished and the “Production of“Reveals that the interview from episode one is exactly what Sora did. With a heart full of hope, Youta is determined to continue his life with Hina by his side and to face whatever comes his way.

The way to luck

Before we go over to an overview of this anime, let’s talk about its final episode. In the last review, I pointed out Shiba’s little selfishness that wanted to be, that would give Hina the happiness she needed. This idea takes hold, Shiba has not stopped thinking that the little girl by his side can be happy, regardless of the desperation that Youta has shown. Let us remember that Shiba’s confidence lies in the fact that Hina only opened her heart. The moment he realizes that Youta has gone his own way to the little girl, his suspicions grew and he finally discovered that the young man was not who he claimed to be.

I have to say that while Shiba did nothing wrong, he became a disgusting character for my taste. Mistrust is something natural. However, when you witness such a level of concern and profound concern, it is normal to investigate the cause rather than blocking all contact. I insist Shiba is not wrong, unfortunately the world is full of evil people and it was her duty as a caregiver to protect Hina’s welfare. But for all that, the treatment I had towards Youta seemed to be pretty extreme at times. The forced exit was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

In the end, everything is redeemed when Shiba accepts that it is not her decision, but Hinas to choose the path that will lead her to happiness. Only until then can all of Shiba’s good intentions be warmly seen because his concern for Hina was real. Like Youta, she only needed a sign from Hina to know that she would be fine. All sincerely paid attention to the little girl’s happiness, no matter which path she chose, as long as it was chosen by herself, it would be accepted and encouraged. Because that is the purpose of happiness, it is a decision that you can only make yourself. It is your own choices that will put you in the right place for accomplishment. And for Hina this place is next to Youta: “Yo-ha can’t be absent!”

“”Maybe you really are a god“”

The last episode was given an extremely hopeful note for the future through a reflection on life itself. Youta is the one who starred for this ending. Well, it is he who shows us the way they went and the future they will go. He went from an ordinary man with no real aspirations in life, just a man who lets himself go with the flow, to one who is grateful for the little miracles of everyday life. The encounter with Hina completely shaped Youta’s life, made him rediscover himself and open his world to new and infinite possibilities.

As Youta thought about what they were going through, he learned to accept that his colorless life took on meaning when the self-proclaimed deity appeared before him. The encounter between the two caused him to get excited and relate to his surroundings in a way he hadn’t done before. This included his friendship with Izanami when he became aware of his own shortcomings in this “romantic interest” for her. Without Hina, he would not have been able to get any closer to Izanami and will continue to see her from a distance without really trying to interact with her. They still wouldn’t be true friends. Your family relationship would be something you would continue to take for granted even if it is something you are always grateful for. The experiences and new bonds I make thanks to Hina are a small miracle that was able to get the best out of him.

In the end, the greatest and greatest miracle is to discover your own inner strength. In him there is a passionate being who is constantly on the search for true happiness. Miracles are things that we consider impossibilities when in reality they exist around us every day. Dr. Korogi’s machine wasn’t the real miracle, but Hina herself. The bonds they formed, the time they spent together, and the feelings that arose from it – that was the real miracle, and it all started with a hilarious self-proclamation of the deity . Maybe the road is steep, but it’s part of the miracle, the uncertain future will be the same. In Youta’s heart, Hina grew up as a real deity because she showed him the path to follow.

What did Kamisama and Natta Hi leave us in the end?

Now that we have the full product, we can finally talk about a real review of the work. It’s very obvious, but this is a subjective opinion that you may or may not agree with.

Kamisama ni Natta Hi It’s a story that was unfortunate enough to meet high expectations from its viewers. An original work by Jun MaedaThere were certain expectations that over time and the build-up of the episodes they would be viewed as betrayed. The greatest expectation is that it will be “THE” tear series of the season. While the story certainly contains sad elements that could cause us to shed a few tears, the truth is that it is far, far more hopeful than any of its predecessors. Since this story should make us fall in love with the wonders of everyday life, half of the series was about funny moments between friends in a summer full of emotions. The climax is where the sad part falls, but it’s not enough to tear the heart apart, after all, the final tone is completely hopeful.

We could say this is really a disappointment in terms of expectations, but up there. The moment we break away from the illusory blindfold that “All of Maeda’s jobs are heartbreakers“This anime is a very nice piece of work, even though it’s far from perfect. As a final product, we can confirm that it’s not a bad anime, it’s entertaining, it creates emotion, and the ending is fair for the entire journey. However, there are major flaws in the script, there is an abysmal waste of characters, and that the climax was reserved for the ending, so played against this story that it was difficult to defend all along, the narrative took so long to get serious That she was honestly difficult to keep up with, I can understand 3 or 4 chapters of self-closing moments, but 7 out of 12 episodes were downright unsettling.

In the end what left us Kamisama ni Natta HiIt was a bitter-sweet mixture in the mouth. I repeat, it’s not a bad anime, it’s entertaining at the level you want to be, but it doesn’t completely hit the ground. The expectations were so high that it seems logical that he could not meet them. His last resort was to play with our nostalgia and cram a few key anime references into a blender to spoil himself for good.

I’m sure more than one has seen this wink AIRThe scene with Hina running to Youta is a copy of the beach scene from the aforementioned anime. You may also have noticed the overlap of Clannadcry with Ushio in Tomoya’s arms. Let’s not forget the bittersweet ending of Charlotte with everyone together on the hill. And how it should be Angel beats! She also joined the party, Hina in a wheelchair pushed by Youta. It was like reliving Hinata and Yui’s love.

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Final comment

Kamisama ni Natta Hi The last chapter was a beautiful episode, hopeful and openly justified as a conclusion. We could already hope that at this point things would be hastily resolved, and they are. The story reaches its climax when Hina chooses Youta as the path to her happiness and they reciprocate. The expected conclusion is precisely that happiness is a construction of choices. What follows from this is a kind of epilogue in which we are told that the path we choose will not always be straight, but it is these detours that make us grow and get closer to our own happiness.

Finally, it is time to close on this and since it is the custom to make one final note, I have to insist that this is subjective and they may or may not agree. Well, after twelve weeks of this story, I can only give her one score, for me it’s a 77/100. This anime is entertaining, has a very good emotional component, and the message is beautiful. However, it has to be said that the story takes too long to explode. The characters are a total waste and while I didn’t want to admit it I had a lot of confidence and unfortunately I didn’t live up to expectations.

Well, so far I’ve asked you the following questions: What did you think of this chapter? How much would you give this anime now that it’s over? What did you notice after references other than those I mentioned? Did you like the story to the end? What choices do you make to achieve your happiness?


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