Reservation! This review about Kakkou no Iinazuke Chapters eight and nine contain spoilers. If you haven't seen the episodes yet, I recommend watching them and then coming back to read the review.


Chapter 8

Regarding what happened on the day of the trip on the beach, Nagi I still wonder what could change his fate if Erika confess to him what he has not yet been able to tell him. As he thinks about it, he hears the doorbell ring and goes to see who it is. It was sacchiwho searched Erikawhich did not exist at the time. Nagi Use the situation and have a say sacchi about your doubts what Erika told him on the beach, although it hasn't helped much since sacchi you know nothing about it

Between conversations, they touch on the subject of studying, which seems to be an annoying topic for them sacchi Y Nagi She insists that she should study because the entrance exams are coming up and also tells her that talking to her makes him feel at home. Suddenly he assures her that he will ask Erika on this subject that got him thinking to get rid of doubts as he would gain nothing from depression. What both of them remember from one of the myriad lessons of the umino: “Be brave and stand up to the people”.

Then, Nagi He decides to do tonkatsu as he says tonkatsu gives strength to fight. By using this word: "Fight", sacchi She takes it very seriously and decides that she would too. Therefore, he goes to his house in search of his belongings and returns home from there Nagi Y Erika, committed to the idea of ​​staying with them and living there. Because of this, there has been a dispute ever since Nagi But I asked him to come home sacchi he refused to do it. ErikaThe one who has already arrived at home intervenes and assures that she can also make decisions and that there is no problem with her sacchi will stay to live there.


sacchi He admits that he wanted help with his homework and studying since his house wasn't the best place to study. However, she is there alone Erika, sacchi admits that he actually left home because he wanted to spend more time with him Nagi. He, listening behind the door, decides that he would help sacchi to study and that he could stay with them for a while.


The three left home to buy some things they needed. in this exit Nagi recognizes that sacchi She's popular with the boys, which she never considered before. In addition, she revealed that she was related to two sisters who are very popular.


When they get home, they prepare the frame to hang the photos they bought because it seemed like a good idea to create memories together and immortalize them with photos on the wall.

The same night while sacchi slept, Nagi got ready to speak to him Erika. He told her he didn't want to get involved just out of curiosity, he wanted to be willing enough to accept what she had to say. In short, you're not ready to hear the answer Erika. That only amused her, since the inappropriateness of his words was typical of him. So he told her to let him know when it was ready.

Chapter 9

Nagi getting ready for a date Hiro, who asked him out. But he wasn't entirely sure if it would be a date or if they would just get more temple seals on their books. However, upon seeing her, he could tell that her attire was appropriate for a date, as was the location she chose: the amusement park. As we know, that's one of the most common places for a date and although Nagi thought so it could be assumed it was a real date Hiro assured that she frequented this place regularly, so that was enough to make us believe that this was not the case.

On the other hand, she told him that she invited him because she thought he could keep up with her in such activities. That provided motivation Nagi to face every attraction Hiro I would like to try.

Meanwhile at home sacchi she was angry because Nagi I was on a date. And also surprised that Erika was so calm, even though she knew it, that she even said they weren't getting married and stuff Nagi likes Hiro. So sacchi he thinks he shouldn't do those things because he's engaged, which makes him shameless. Erika assume that sacchi She is upset because she is worried someone else will steal Nagiwhich isn't far from the truth, but she's not going to admit it, at least not yet.


sacchi carries Erika to baseball practice because it's his way of venting his anger when he's upset or has a problem. Afterwards, they go to the public bath, a place Erika has never visited before. Thanks for the time sacchi shared with Erika he could forget his anger and also have a good time with her.


Very early, at 3 a.m. Yohei Uminobiological father of Erika Y sacchi, take the three of you fishing. So much for Erika as for sacchi Fishing wasn't a problem though Nagiwho used to accompany his father had a hard time as he kept getting seasick from the boat ride.

Although Nagi felt like he had been compelled to fish his entire life, he understood that it helped him distract himself and thus spend more time with his father. So he decided to go fishing. However, it didn't go as expected as the fish he caught was the smallest.

Nagi He talks to his father and he tells him he's matured, though Nagi He doesn't think the same, but accepts that he doesn't hate his current life. Yohei tells him to go fishing another day and Nagi he says, hinting that he finally understands why his father has taken him fishing since he was little.

final opinion

Kakkou no Iinazuke It's about halfway through its chapters and I think a lot has happened in such a short amount of time. Erika Y Nagi they get along better and gradually they accept each other. Although they don't express it or give it much thought, the reality is that there's something more between them that even they haven't realized themselves, but over time it will happen. There haven't been any dramatic events yet, but I expect they'll be entering the scene soon. Also the feelings of sacchi opposite to Nagi as the revelation of what Nagi not ready to know yet.

Certainly many events and situations will still happen, so like I usually say, I hope you follow this anime.

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