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Kakkou no Iinazuke Chapters 2 and 3

episode 2

This second chapter of Kakkou no Iinazuke begins by visiting Erika To the house of Nagi, who was very surprised to learn that she wanted to go voluntarily. So maybe he thought Erika she wanted to visit him because he took the engagement seriously. So Nagi felt it was time to firmly reject her.

However, after meeting them and seeing that their thoughts as a parent have been very different since then Erika Growing up in a wealthy family, while growing up in a lower-class family, he remarked that if they weren't swapped at birth, things would be completely different. Realizing this fact, he lost himself in thought and ErikaSuddenly she told him that she didn't want to marry him and that she had come to visit his house to tell her parents. After all, it was she who spoke the words Nagi I wanted to say so much.

Kakkou no Iinazuke Chapters 2 and 3

So they both drove to their parents' place of work Nagi to let her know that neither wanted to continue the engagement. But in the end they couldn't say anything about it because Erika was relocated to his birth parents, which prompted him to do so Nagi I hesitated whether to turn it down or not.

After these events, they meet the father of Erika and they confess that they are not friends. And although they hoped that this would free them from the forced marriage, on the contrary, their father assured them that their relationship was just beginning and took them to a house where he told them they would live together for two weeks.

Chapter 3

Here is the beginning of living together under one roof between Erika Y Nagi. Having to live together for two weeks, both agreed to sabotage their parents' plans and decided to each go their own way. Nagifelt that this was an advantage for him, since he could finally study undisturbed. Obviously exceeding his desires Hiro they only gain weight and we already know the reason: to explain his feelings to her.


Nagiafter spending the whole night studying, he wakes up and the first thing he hears in the morning is the scream of Erika, who asked for help from the bathroom. for the surprise Nagi He ignored that fact and opened the door to look at the other side Erikawho was in smaller cloths.

Aside from having a slightly awkward moment, she didn't give it much importance and just focused on letting him know it was a lizard. But although he was expected to fetch said creature from the bathroom like all brave men, Nagi he could only scream in panic; So it was Erika who got that bug out of there.

After the morning drama, Nagi prepared to continue her studies; However, his phone's battery was dead and he didn't have his charger with him. So he felt compelled to ask Erika for help. Taking advantage of the situation, she made one condition: help her take pictures.

While that Nagi try to make the best pictures for Erika and so he got what he wanted and ended up spending his whole day with that plan, so he didn't have enough time to study the way he planned. while you mourn Erika asks him why he insisted so much on studying Nagi He replies that he wants a better future for his family and hides his real intentions.

On the other hand, he asks her why she is so attached to social networks and Erika he replies that this is his way of contacting someone, but doesn't go into detail. In addition to all this, it is more than clear that the two have a person they like and therefore cannot be pinned down.

The unexpected

The next day, Nagi goes to school and is surprised that someone left a note in their locker. It was about Hiro. At first she thought it was all a joke, but it didn't take long for her to realize that it really was her who gave it to her as it was pretty obvious.

However, he misunderstood the situation and believed that he would propose to her. On the contrary, she declared war on him and told him that since he managed to get first place in the mock exams, she would beat him in the following exams.

Be at home, Nagi he's sick, probably because he got wet, so Erika Take care of him. She notices how hard he tries and praises him for it. for Nagi it was nice to hear that.

Kakkou no Iinazuke Chapters 2 and 3

Although they try to keep their distance from each other it is actually quite difficult, there is always a situation that forces them to come together and rely on each other. Consequently, they will end up spending more time together.

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