The last dates with the anime of Pokemon: Explorations brought Ash Ketchum's journey to the forefront of the World Coronation Series. The protagonist has managed to reach the height of mastery by getting close to other incredibly talented trainers and Dandel, the champion of the Galar region and currently in first place.

Ever closer to his ultimate goal of becoming the best coach in the world, Ash made it to eighth place Defeat Laburno, after intensive training with Lucario and Greninja, and seven experts await him, all of whom have appeared in the past of the series and are featured in the new official key visual.

In seventh place we find iris, champion of the Unova region, followed by Alan, Ash's main competitor on Kalos. Immediately afterwards he is in fifth place Dianathe elegant champion of the League of Kalos, while in fourth place we find Lance, an expert in Dragon Pokémon who played the role of champion in the second and fourth generations and to whom his Red Gyarados is added.

To dominate the first three positions of the championship there is Rocco Petri from the Hoenn region, the Mighty and Camilla von Sinnoh and the aforementioned Dandel, three trainers who could pose insurmountable obstacles for young Ketchum. Let us know what you think of these great returns by leaving a comment below.

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