The following review of Kaguya-sama: Love War - Chapter 7 It contains a spoiler, if you already saw the chapter please read on, otherwise you can see it on any of the platforms and return. Warning, this series will be the living demonstration that the ego can do more, but if there is love, perhaps it can win.

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"Boxers are for prostitutes."

They say that to know a person, you must know about their taste and among them is the taste of clothing. Depending on what you use to cover your body and give it your style, it will be your cover letter, the cover that will give us an idea of ​​what your interior contains ... It does not always work that way, many times they are simply aesthetic tastes that do not go hand in hand with your personality and in other cases comfort simply wins over style. But if we used that idea using underwear as a reference, could we get the idea of ​​who you are and like? Perhaps not many see the importance of this and perhaps others die to observe that reference and draw a somewhat more certain conclusion.


Yū Ishigami is the boy who does not complicate his life like that and is better off at home, adopting for comfort. We knew that when we saw that the treasurer of the Student Council applied that philosophy is his daily life, but now that we have seen beyond what is seen and can be seen ... We understand that his is comfort over the so controversial issue "The style". A pair of eighties type pants, puffed up, white so as not to despair in the face of such an infinite range of colors and the simplicity of using the same style at all times, have helped him in his task of avoiding using the popular “Boxers” to attract attention and satisfy the desires of the girls who long to have a recista model by their side. How do we know that Ishigami wears that kind of underwear? For the simple fact of using the council room as a dressing room and being judged by the eyes of the direct Chika Fujiwara.

Here comes the innocence of Kaguya Shinomiya, who, believing that this is all the underwear that exists for men, but Fujiwara remembers that boxers are the most sought-after, enters a small and deliberate statement of protest by Ishigami against those underwear that he calls it "the one used by prostitutes". When Kaguya does not know that she is a prostitute and Siri gives her that answer, a new question arises in her: What underwear does the President wear?

Being direct has always been Kaguya's, but when it comes to Shirogane she is self-conscious, yet she has planned the strategy of distraction by means of a fluid conversation with a subtle hook. That hook goes hand in hand with a typical question that lengthens the answer and when it is off guard and you ask others, your brain will take you to answer it without measuring that your lips are saying each word of them. That strategy accompanied by the question: What underwear do you like? It has ended up being misunderstood by Shirogane, who simply and without thinking said it colorful and after analyzing the question, he simply believed that they were talking about what he would like to see in a lady. His tastes are subtle but full of elegance, since he prefers black lace pantyhose, but when thinking that this would sound perverted he has said "They have a lot of material, they are slim and tight like pants".

That answer filled with a range of underwear selection, ended by highlighting the much-judged boxer shorts, for which Kaguya without thinking has pointed to the honorable president of “Prostituto”, a conversation that Lino Miko innocently witnessed. Still things couldn't be fixed but worsened the moment Shirogane yells "I really like black panties!" In the end, Shirogane was perverted and Ishigami did not resist being judged and ended up buying boxers that same day of 2,592 yen.

"Today's results ... Shirogane (boxer man) loses."


The misunderstandings do not end and neither does Kaguya's plans, since now she wants to offer as an apology a therapeutic hand massage, in order to "relax the tired President". The reality of this is "stopping men from cheating" or rather that the President has no interest in other women (or men). Hayasaka Ai's solution is to combat the desire that is born from some hormones, with others that suppress desire such as Vasopressin and Ocytosin. How to make the President secrete those hormones without the need for post sex? This is where the famous apology comes in through a massage, that massage will make the President secrete hormones that will prevent him from being unfaithful (hahahahahahaha if that were so they would all be holy).

At the time of the massage, Shirogane accepts doubtfully but with emotion the idea of ​​being touched by Kaguya ... The point of all this is in crisis when that massage should be comforting and ends up being a medieval torture, releasing in the President! Huge amounts of hormones from stress, such as beta-endorphins and cortisol. While Kaguya's brain releases large amounts of oxytocin and vasopressin ... An endless stream of love arises from her gushing from her mind. In the end, Kaguya is simply a girl who has not had experience in this type of things that could be simple, even when she is killing Shirogane he only thinks about helping her. The problem changes when she wants to go a little further in the torture massages and Shirogane refuses.

The story takes a different turn when the innocent Lino Miko tries to enter the room again and apologize for that misunderstanding, the problem is that when she enters she finds a scene that is somewhat difficult to justify, full of explicit requests, compromising positions and everything enters a breaking point when Kaguya's innocence asks Lino to join the "experience" ... The problem is that here there is a lack of explanation, a misunderstanding, and the shame of others wins, saved by the lack of experience.

"Today's results ... Shirogane wins (His shoulders are much more relaxed now)."


Weeping manga, we have all experienced a reading of any genre or style, be it literature, novels, light novels, visual novels, comics, manga, Manhwa, webtoons, blogs and more that have brought tears to our eyes. This has been Shirogane's turn with a novel recommended by his brother Kei Shirogane, who bet that he would cry and was thus apart from provoking in him the desire to “love”. Here a new plan is born, Make Kaguya read in Manga! And this will be developed in a natural way, giving that reading to Ishigami who has proclaimed himself a “columnist of manga” and has taken the cliche out of that reading, but its content has been so powerful that it has led him to the same abyss of tears and wishes of love like the rest.

That phrase "I want to fall in love" has reached the ears of the tender Fujiwara who of course has read the Manga and even carries it with me in digital mode, but the only one who has not read it has been Kaguya, until now. The group recommendation plan for something good to see is underway after passing from dumb mouth to reaching the ears of who has suddenly refused to read it. Still Shirogane insists and sells the story as something interesting along with the support of the rest, but here Fujiwara's mouth enters, who gives the biggest and main Spoiler of the crying generator of the story and forcibly silenced by his two companions, who in Lino Miko's eyes seemed to be abduction-style abuse and oppression. In the end the same Shirogane accompanied by Ishigami, they end up giving more spoilers of the sad story and are bandaged just like Fujiwara ... By the same Fujiwara. Still, Lino Miko entered the scene to "save Fujiwara" but he found that everyone was in the same position.

Note: Kaguya and Hayasaka read and cried with Manga.

"Today's results ... Shirogane, Ishigami and Fujiwara lose ... Miko also lost."


Hahahaha ay I can't, I know I should be more serious in these reviews, but it is impossible for me when you watch this series and with each chapter it seems that they want to get a hernia out of laughter. Starting with boxers, Fujiwara's fetish of observing, criticizing and drawing conclusions the first time. Ishigami's social criticism that is often correct, but it is still comical coming from the best character in this story. Kaguya's poor innocence that makes her a victim of everything that happens around her. The most judged President in history and I do not mean the one of his countries, but this character who meets the requirements of the most charro protagonist of life. Lino Miko's innocence entered to stay and give a touch to this series.

Now yes apart from commenting on what I said above, because I usually write giving opinions everywhere and giving details of everything that is already obvious and you saw, but that for me is still exciting to highlight. We will go to what crunches us in this section and it will be THE SLEEVE MINI SERIES THAT CAME AFTER THE ENDING!

Kaguya-Sama syndrome is Kokurasetai

It all starts with Kaguya being drawn as the typical girl from a Shinsu (who always falls to the ground and is rescued by the handsome boy) who in this case is our honorable president (who in this parallel story is better than the pudding that he offered to Kaguya).

The opening begins highlighting our characters, selling us the typical love story that, no matter how cliché it is, always catches us!

First the president (literally the opening of an otome game) the President in all his sculpture, highlighted face and in the background the best part of his personality, highlighting in a box who he is and who identifies him. They even say that he forced Kaguya to join the Student Council to be close to her.

Ishigami (hahaha ay I don't know that they can't know if I'm laughing, but I swear I'm on it). The Student Council Treasury and it turns out that one more in love with Kaguya (hahahahaha). They describe him as handsome, a computer geek with a supposed dark past. Half rejected by Kaguya, since she is increasingly interested in the President.

Even the narrator's voice becomes typical of that woman who gives the intro to everyone and I say all the shojos hahahaha Oh, they already have me! The environment changes to that full of glitter and pastel pink, while those handsome boys with faces carved by the angels themselves watch with desire and intrigue the innocent and typical girl of shojo Kaguya.

But what happened to this vibe? Now Ishigami is the boy, sexy, dark and attractive that we all want. But Shirogane is not far behind with all the talk about the penguins and the A and Z. HAHAHAHAHA after her asks who are you going to the aquarium with? With Ishigami or with me? It comes the typical moan or sound of the male character and his sexy look, but they made it so repetitive that I couldn't laugh and it's almost 2:00 a.m.

I do not know why and I will tell you the truth, I hoped that this air would be killed by Fujiwara as always, but even when you know you will never be prepared for the surprises that this girl can release so suddenly. She and her changing themes have come this time talking about being a "Yokozuna", as in that battle she saw "Sumos" fight in the ring and make "Dosukoi", she just got distracted eating pudding, while the rest of the team Shojo was fighting in that scene.

Good heavens! Even a love rivalry has arisen, one in which Ishigami was about to touch Kaguya and Shirogane stopped him with that typical wrist grip so that his rival does not touch his girl ... HAHAHAHAHA Fujiwara breaks into the pudding and says that she will take Kaguya to the infirmary, but she says no and here everything turns Shojo again when Shirogane takes Kaguya's hand and says hahahaha and says hahahaha "Come on Shinomiya, the school nurse doesn't charge" ( hahahaha could beat me more).

At the end Shirogane invites Kaguya back to the aquarium, but she says out loud that "it is not necessary" and in her mind "because to me this is an aquarium". The only problem is that Shirogane does not read hahaha minds and so he was rejected and left the shojo picture.

"Today's results ... Shirogane loses ... Reason for defeat: this is an aquarium."

Note: they went to the Shirogane and Ishigami aquarium together ... And they found the situation interestingly funny.

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