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Chapter 6: Abandoned Children and Color Mixing

Nobles confer with the Patriarch about Myne and his possible purchase. Myne talks very excitedly about her new brother and Benno tells her that Otto's son and heir to the Gilberta Company was also born. He also narrates the gray robes, including Delia. But suddenly a new child is coming who will be named Dirk, and Delia will be the eldest, worrying about her new younger "brother". Benno and Myne meet up with the able ink guild who goes with his daughter and they make a new deal. They also begin their experiments to make colored ink that doesn't bleed as expected. At the end a new problem, Dirk has an illness... unknown?

Chapter Opinion

Except for the start there was no big shock. It doesn't seem like a standout chapter, but Heidi's is drawing a lot of attention. I won't comment much in this part because I really feel like there isn't much to comment on other than small details (like when Gil kneels in front of Myne and creates a very nice tableau when they zoom in on the scene) that as Symbols can be significant, but from there it's not just one thing anymore EndIf you look at it closely it seems like it tells some kind of story about how books were made throughout history, just beautiful.

Nobles, nobles, thing of the nobles

Three nobles, four if we count the patriarch, begin talking about Myne using strange tricks. One of them is called Dahldolf (the author took the Middle Ages seriously, in more Germanic or Norse languages, if my knowledge doesn't fail me), who is the mother of the nobleman who was killed in the ceremony Myne attended. . They all seem to have something against Myne, although perhaps it would be best to say exploit some Myne for his devourer. I didn't understand much of what they were discussing because my knowledge of the law of this world is very limited. I mention it because there was talk of a transfer by the city due to adoption by a nobleman and the like. In the end, I can only assume that they want to harm the mouse.

Abandoned Children

In a world like the one we're shown, where job stability isn't a sure thing, which is highly volatile and seasonal, the mouse is most likely in one of the most "stable" places. But well, in this world it is very normal that a family cannot afford to raise even one child, so abandoning a child is very understandable, and if we add to that the gray habits of being orphans in everything, we see that there is a high rate of abandonment and loss of children. One of those wanted, but not wanted, was abandoned in the cathedral.

In a nutshell, it's great that Myne has put Delia in charge of Dirk. It appears that this will distract Delia from what she "wants" and that she will be able to reconsider her actions for the better. Delia was abandoned not only by her family but also by her "benefactors", so she can understand the baby well and set a good example when she worries about the child's illness. An older sister is what she will be, that will help her.

The mixture of colors

In this part we are interested in Heidi which due to her attitude makes me think that she is another traveler of the universe (it wouldn't be strange if she was a local but from what she showed it makes me think that) . As Benno says, she is another Myne, crazy and wants to go to the experiment if her idea is accepted or if she has the means to do so. However, there is a big difference between Myne and Heidi, the scientific attitude (ha! and they said that taking epistemology would not be good). The mouse is more pragmatic, it gets to the point and doesn't wonder why, it just accepts it. Heidi no, she's wondering why the color is changing, what's the cause, an attitude unique to this anime so far.

Possibly, if things continue as we see them, Heidi is the one who develops science and technology, not as in our reality that started with physics (Galileo, Copernicus, Kepler, Newton etc.), but from another field of knowledge, perhaps a little more practical, but no less theoretical and explanatory. I found the recording of Heidi very interesting and I hope it develops further (I would even think that a spin off She).

More detail, less detail, here we have the highlights of the chapter. We're halfway through the season, enjoy the remaining half.

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