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Chapter 11: "The Curse of the Man-Eating Pool"

Hanyo no Yashahime He reappears for another week with a new adventure. On this occasion, the half demon sisters accept the mission to purify a lake possessed by an evil being. There are two children whose parents were killed by the demon of this lake. Setsuna and Towa stop the older man who wants to avenge the death of his parents and spend the night with the little ones and their grandmother.

At dawn they decide to attack the demon. At that moment, Moroha finds her and joins the fight. They soon discover that they are two demons allied who can poison them. Moroha is immobile due to their human weakness, while Setsuna and Towa show different levels of resistance to poisons. As a team, they use their skills to win and clean the pond.

Analysis: standing water

Hanyo no Yashahime It leads us into an adventure parallel to the main story in part 11. In it we find another tragic story with a bittersweet ending; this time completely independent of the trace of their parents or Kirinmaru. We also find the use of mirrors again: Chiyo and Hikomaru are brothers in which Setsuna and Towa think again to deepen their own bonds through them. In addition, Setsuna's violin is the mirror of Biwa and fulfills the function of awakening the saddest and most beautiful feelings of the two little ones, since it brings back the memory of their father.

In this new reflex game, which insists on the dynamics of the previous episode and finds new ways, we find standing and putrid water, the enemy embodied in two demons with strong stereotypes. There is little or nothing to be said about the contrast between standing water and the beauty of the purified lake, as these are very clear universal messages about good and bad. However, we can highlight the aesthetic and emotional coherence with which it was worn and create a sad story, but definitely a beautiful one.

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Another aspect that deserves comment is the battle scenes, which are very coherent and epic and which managed to connect with the intense emotions of the protagonists. Finally, it is worth noting that Setsuna's human demeanor turns out to be reserved, but not insensitive, and she gradually understands and accepts Towa.

Moroha's role

The latest broadcasts from Hanyo no Yashahime Give the fan community of the last series a number of negative impressions: What role does Moroha play in the story?

Moroha displayed a great personality and fighting skills - she, by the way, overcame the clichés of her mother who did not even accidentally hit an arrow - and their beginnings fell in love. In the last few chapters, however, he had a subordinate role and descended into the group's “clown”, a mere cartoon character with simple scenes. I can understand that the writers intend to turn around and focus more on Sesshomaru's daughters rather than Inuyasha, but withdraw all of them at once without displeasing the followers of Hanyo no Yashahimeis to fall into the bottomless abyss of incoherence.

We hope that this unfortunate mistake will be corrected because Moroha is a very promising and charismatic character.

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This last installment of Hanyo no Yashahime tells us a little adventure that repeats the patterns of the previous one. In this way the story serves to deepen the fraternal bonds of Towa and Setsuna and to reveal the more humane side of the latter.

On the other hand, the sequence of fighting and sentimental scenes is very balanced, it connects with the emotions of the viewer. The fight against the demons is lively, passionate and Setsuna's violin closes the chapter with a beautiful sadness. Catharsis is insured.

As for Moroha's lead role, we wonder why this narrative abuse is due in the final episodes that have simplified it and banished it to a secondary comic book character.


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