Warning! This review on Fruits Basket 2 Chapter ten contains spoilers. If you haven't watched the episode yet, I recommend you go check it out and then come back to read the review.

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"Who are you?"

Fruits Basket 2 Chapter ten begins with everyone planning the last activity on the beach trip, launching fireworks. Kyou reflects on why everyone puts Akito above Tooru, but Momiji makes him see that it is not something noble but only selfishness. For his part, Akito continues to be irritated by the treatment he receives from Shigure. When asked to return to the main mansion, he decides to pay a visit to Tooru to set the record straight. The meeting between Akito and Tooru reveals that the plans for the zodiacs are not sweet, and unlike what I plan this only makes Tooru make a resolution, she will break the curse of the Souma. The journey has finally come to an end, enjoying the fireworks and planning for the future.

"It is not such a noble thing ..."

Last week we had a hard blow to the heart when Kyou faced her feelings, and at the prospect of Tooru getting hurt because of her, she made the decision to swallow her own feelings. That resolution is what has led him to process the current situation, he is not the only one who is trying to take care of Tooru. Despite the fact that Tooru occupies a more important place than Akito in the hearts of the young people of the zodiac, they cannot disobey going to see him. Because that would mean putting Tooru in danger because of Akito's jealousy. It was obvious but Kyou couldn't understand it, not until he was put in a position to see it for himself.

When Kyou says this to Momiji, he says that it is not something so noble, because there is selfishness in his actions. Because if they really wanted to protect her from the beginning they would never have involved her in all this. The desire to want to spend more time with Tooru, to want to create memories with her is selfish. This is because deep down they understand that she would not be involved except for those desires to be by her side. Kyou can also understand this, he himself knows what he is doing. Without worrying about future pain, he wants to enjoy a present where she is there.

Now, if you were to ask me, I would say that this is not necessarily selfish. The desire to stay with those who matter to us is not something that can simply be suppressed. Furthermore, the fact that the person involved feels the same way frees up a lot of that β€œselfishness”.

Akito's role

Something that this chapter allowed us is to learn more about Akito and his motivations. Before I had already talked about Akito's personality, in addition to what I have already said I think we can add a severe inferiority complex. Indeed I said of inferiority not of superiority. Although the obvious points to his feeling superior to all, if we are more detailed we can see that his words constantly point to his deep fear that others will see him with empathy. Something typical of empathy is that it allows us to put ourselves at the level of another. That is something Akito cannot tolerate, not because he feels hopelessly superior to others but because he is afraid to reveal that he is not. You are afraid of facing weakness.

At this point it is not entirely clear, but Akito carries a lot of weight, there are situations happening in his life that make him very vulnerable, since he does not know how to deal with it. Hardly mentioned by Shigure, Ren is an existence that Akito cannot deal with. That it is precisely Shigure who mentions it is not something free. I think that at this point for everyone it is evident that the relationship between Shigure and Akito is deeper than it appears, and therefore it should not surprise them that Akito demands kindness from Shigure, a kindness that Shigure cannot give him, since he is not in his, her nature. The camellia that we could observe for a moment is a fundamental part of all this drama. And even if I wanted to say more, I can't because it would be a tremendous spoiler.

What I can say is, Akito has been revealed as God, which means that he has a very special control and bond with horoscopes. But do not forget that the curse is not characteristic of animals, it is also something that "God" must deal with, although it will be in a very different way compared to the rest of the horoscopes.

Tooru's Resolution

The most shocking thing about this episode was Akito's confrontation with Tooru, led by his feeling of protection. Tooru intervened at the right time to prevent Akito from continuing to retaliate with Momiji. The consequences of this were that he ended up learning about the sad fate that Akito wishes to mark for horoscopes, Kyou's confinement and the future return of everyone to the Souma state. For Akito these things are normal, they are expected, it is part of his happiness, but for Tooru it is unthinkable.

It is true that no one should judge the wishes of others, we do not know what it takes to sacrifice to reach those desires, however it is fair to put obstacles when these desires do not correspond to the desire of everyone. For Tooru, Akito's ideals do not correspond to the changes she has seen in her friends and her close ones, she cannot accept that "destiny". For the first time he has understood the real weight of the Souma curse, it is a heavy chain that binds them and takes away their freedom.

Tooru's decision has marked the true turning point of this arc, it is time to think about breaking this curse. Dear readers, this story has only just begun to reach its true foundations. Akito's idea of ​​ruining everyone's false illusions, completely turned around, finally it was this unpleasant visit that aroused everyone's determination. Yuki and Kyou have begun to face their feelings, the others have become very aware of the weight of their choices and try to protect their "freedom" in the best way they can, but the real revolution came with Tooru, she has made up her mind to end all the pain from the roots.

Final comment

Fruits Basket 2 chapter ten, has been a revolutionary episode. After so many revelations and moments of tension, the biggest turning point for this story has arrived, from here everything will change. This has been a journey that has changed everyone in some way, has put many things in perspective and made them understand and face their weaknesses. It's fair to say that the biggest catharses have been for Yuki and Kyou, and although Tooru is not far behind, she grew in resolution rather than in a confrontation with her own problems, which we already glimpse but are still far from being faced.

Before closing with this I will tell you that I am very in love with the expressions of the characters, it is very gratifying to see so many emotions imprinted on their faces. The beach trip arc has finally ended and just as promised it has been filled with drama, excitement and lots of love. This bow has been wonderful for the plot weight it has, and I must add that it resulted in something much better than I had imagined.

Anyway, this has been my impression of this chapter, tell me: what did you think of this episode? What has been your favorite moment? Do you think there can be a love that is free from selfishness? The next chapter we will have the return of Kagura and I assure you that more than one will shed tears.


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