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Final chapter: "Decadence"

decadence continues his final installment with Kaburagi's connection to the system. This success is paralyzed and in the hands of the cyborg; In the meantime, Natsume and the others have to trust and facilitate their fight against the titanic "Gadoll".

Within the system, Kaburagi has a dialectical confrontation with it declaring himself neutral and allowing him to control the fortress even though he finds his efforts will be in vain. However, Kaburagi does not give up and uses all his strength to defeat the monster. His victory is followed by an unrepentant death. Outside, Jill creates an event for players to collect old Deka pieces and create a new weapon that they can use to defeat the "Gadoll". Thanks to these and Donatello's kamikaze actions, Kaburagi succeeds in destroying him.

Three years later, Minato is the game's top controller and has changed the environment. Humans, cyborgs and "gadolls" live together in harmony in the City of the Decade. When Jill inquires, she discovers that she has secured Kaburagi. In the final scene, he approaches Natsume in his human form.

Analysis: Kabu dance

Finally we come to the resolution of decadence;; A chapter that resolves all conflicts and decides for a happy and closed ending. The tragedy and the open secrets are reduced to the insignificant. Instead, they explode the use of natural light, landscapes of joyful beauty and update the characters' design. So Natsume appears with a new look and costume, full of vitality and spiritual calm.


In general, it was a very traditional ending to such a unique story, but the use of clichés isn't a negative element. per se. And the fact is that at the risk of repeating it ad nauseam, it is never so much what we tell, but how. In this sense, the contrast between night, combined with chaos, and daylight is masterfully exploited three years later for victory and regeneration. Within this metaphor, another one germinates and unfolds:

Deca-dence submits to the will of the individual, "Kabu-dence", and through his actions and sacrifices the system and society change. In its final phase, the city of decay quenches the thirst for adventure and fighting in playful settings. Humans are masters of themselves, conscious and in tune with the truth. It is a new scenario in the Game of Life that only a few minutes are devoted to, but the details are very well drawn and pronounced. Attentive listening and seeing, the description of the new city leaves no loose ends!

Salvation, Sacrifice and Hope

The death of our protagonist is necessary. Kaburagi redeems himself for a total transformation by giving himself up to the cause to the last consequences. In this way, the being who wanted to commit suicide gives value to existence and manages to feel the fullness of its achievement. Natsume maturely accepts reality and says goodbye to it.

It is a full cycle of life as Kaburagi answers its questions and actions, which is why it is an epic and beautiful death. This gives the viewer a direct emotional impact and lesson. A story that does not want to be a tragedy, however, resolves that after death, resurrection, hope comes. And so we have a perfect, happy and closed ending.

Global comment:: the effects of decadence


Next we will seek the synthesis and global vision of what was and what it meant decadence. We don't pretend to be exhaustive as there is a lot to mention and has already been worked out in previous reviews. Instead, we will limit ourselves to highlighting some of the keys to the complete success of this series.

And it really is decadence It may be more or less so - nothing is written in the subjective - but its effects on the season are undeniable. We don't think it's a masterpiece of great depth as it could be Death parade;; However, it's a good series in both quality and content that adds a refreshing and original twist to the huge warehouse Isekai and the post-apocalyptic.

decadence takes the merit of approaching the reverse subject, a matrix with cyborgs full of color and emotion, with absolutely crazy, colorful, childlike designs ... and pretending that it is a serious conspiracy! To what extent has it been achieved? Personally, I've felt a catharsis with Kaburagi, with stories like Sarkozy, Jill, or Minato, and I think this was achieved because they gave irony and derision to their own designs. For example, Sarkozy's death is tragic and profound, but true to his mediocre, pathetic personality. His victim has this absurd moment that gets you out of the drama, scares you, makes you laugh, and suddenly brings you back to this drama.

In other words, decadence it conveys broken beings in pewter and rainbow suits, a metaphor for life itself. Is the tragedy epic in real life? It always has an unfortunate, ridiculous, and twisted point, hence in One piece one also cries through the nose.

Other keys to the success of the series

  • The complex design of the protagonists who grow and exchange aspects of their personality. Natsume is "Kaburaguiza" and Kaburagi is "Natsumiza".
  • All characters present in a few lines mimic personality and appearance. The drawing of people and some cyborgs is delicate and precious.
  • The soundtrack is pretty good.
  • The landscapes and design of the decade are not the result of improvisation but of careful work.
  • The plot is very philosophical, the error and the system are concepts applicable to our social moment. There is certainly a message. It increases the freedom of the individual through perverse utopias and the state control of ethics.

In short, we are facing an innovative product that has contributed something different and that is to be appreciated in the anime market. With more or less success, we will all agree that it is a bold product and is made with passion. Thank you very much, decadence!


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