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Chapter 10: "Brake System"

In this new installment of decadenceNatsume passes out when he discovers the truth. The chaos spreads and the game service is interrupted, all "Gadolls" die, but one of them infects a "cogwheel". In front of the factory, Natsume wakes up and rejects Kaburagi, who later escapes in his original body together with his cyborg friends.

With Kaburagi's avatar, Hugin sets a trap for Natsume, who tries unsuccessfully to establish a connection from an external terminal. Meanwhile, a “gadoll” alien enters the system from the body of the infected “gear” and devours the corpses of the factory at high speed. Soon he transforms into a gigantic monster that threatens the Decade Fortress.

Analysis: Journey to the Heart of Natsume

decadence Use the tenth installment to process the intense actions of the previous chapter. It is above all an episode that focuses on the consequences of the destruction of the "Gadolls" and the factory from all possible angles and tells them. At the same time, it breeds and maintains the action of the next installment.

The rest and the analysis of the reactions to a crucial event fall into the most logical narrative dynamic. After a series of action-packed events, the calm and focus on emotions poses a natural question: what now? With that in mind, the scenes have managed to capture the richness and contrast of the different sides, from the ignorant and happy “tankers” who celebrate them, the chaos of the cyborgs and the system, Kaburagi and above all Natsume.

Without a doubt, Natsume takes up a large part of the protagonism in this episode. The journey into the girl's psychological depth is one of the most interesting acts of the chapter (or most), as her interaction with Kaburagi and Kurenai reveals a complex spiritual and mental process of acceptance. Let us assume that his character was constantly in danger of being oversimplified due to his innocent and vital nature. It is a success that this and other chapters have highlighted moments when we see her doubt herself, reflect, and ideas mature.

Other random reflections

Surely it is very difficult not to think about it matrix and in Alien, the eighth passenger in this chapter. Let's analyze by parts:

Natsume receives the truth as trauma. At the exit of the Platonic Cave, the sun always blinds those who see the truth for the first time. Their rejection, their desire to never have known a reality too big for their humble goals attracts attention. However, I don't think our protagonist would have chosen in the universe of matrix the blue pill; it's more of a transitional state.

As for the "Gadoll", there is an initial temptation to see its appearance as a mechanism of action, distraction, filling and conflict resolution that must be completed in two chapters. However, it can also add value. That is, the "Gadolls" rebellion against the system was missing. We already have the rebellious vision of a cyborg and a human, and we must not forget that the monsters that the system creates are also slaves and victims of it. Perhaps in that sense it would not have been a good thing to just make it disappear. Especially for pipe ...


decadence It shows us the social and psychological effects of the destruction of the factory and underscores the harsh acceptance of Natsume when one knows the reality. On the other hand, the plot does not want to close the chapter of the "Gadolls" and offers at least one last adventure for the following episodes. It is controversial and natural at the same time, because remember, the "gadolls" are slaves to the system, as are humans and cyborgs.

We close the review with the disastrous and unjust death of Pipe. To invent positions, perhaps better a conspiracy that would allow him to live like that of a corpse-eating monster, the result of an unwanted pregnancy.


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