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Chapter 3: "Transmission"

decadence opens its fourth episode with the inadvertent intrusion of Pipe, Kaburagi and Natsume into an underground battle. The latter ignores the boss's warnings and interferes in the fight. After a first moment of panic, she surpasses herself and draws attention to the warrior "Tanker" Kurenai, who allows her in "The Power".

Cyborg Corporation will soon be organizing a major event on the icy peaks of old Everest. It is a final battle against the Gadolls nest, which is not won, but eliminates weak gears and tankers and inspires new heroes. Knowing this, Kaburagi visits Natsume and forces her not to participate. After a conversation with Kurenai and a personal reflection, our protagonist will take part in the battle.

Analysis: rebellion against a manuscript

Another week, the act of decadence he advances to the most important points of his fictional universe without amusement. The confrontation with the "Gadolls" nest is in line with the 12 episodes planned for the series. In this sense, the script also shows us that there will be superior conflicts, and of course it follows a rather unpredictable path.

Indeed, one of the most interesting elements of this proposal is the surprise. decadence Build in a world where even the behavior of the characters and their limits open the way for different actions. There are usually pre-defined endings that we accept from the start, and while we can theorize about liberation from humans and cyborgs, the plot wants to define itself as something more complex.

For example, Kaburagi's stance is not to end the system he lives in, but to challenge it on a small scale and in the shadow. Even if he is like that, he feels the excitement of returning to the battles of his world. The dizziness of feeling accepted again is staged in the simple moment when his eyes shine.

In short, if we add the huge system that enslaves them to the peculiarities of the characters, it is not easy to theorize what will happen next. The story itself, like its characters, wants to rebel against a predictable manuscript. (At least I hope).

Optical duality: who is right?

We have already drawn explanatory lines to the two worldviews in decadence, embodied by Natsume or Kaburagi. In this chapter, the world known to man crosses an insurmountable barrier with that of the cyborgs. Kaburagi knows the truth and does not want his young apprentice to die for nothing, but for Natsume it is not a programmed manuscript, it is life and he wants to develop all his strength to live to the fullest. Who's got the reason? The two, but they are incompatible reasons.

Apart from the fact that the intense scenes that explain these feelings are underlined and praised, I remember the famous one Cave myth from plato. The story that the philosopher designed seems to be repeated more than 2,000 years later in different stories in time, media and culture. In a brief comparison, people live a lie, a reality designed by others, exactly what happens in the Platonic Cave, where men believe that the shadows of fire are life.

The inspiration of an idol

Where Kaburagi sees a system that cleans the useless and emotionally manipulates the beings that make it up, Natsume sees a violent struggle for survival and dreams of reaching his heroes. Kurenai and his "tankers" are an inspiration, an ideal. The warrior's bravery and extraordinary development motivate her to pursue her dreams to the last consequence.

On the other hand, the remaining characters that make up the secondary cast are very well designed in terms of their special characteristics, their role and even their personality.


This week in decadenceEvents are accelerating. The protagonists face an incompatible vision of the struggle and inevitably separate. Kaburagi sees a purge and a cruel manuscript, Natsume sees an opportunity to end the Gadolls forever. Ironically, ignorant people are happier, more dreamy, and more ambitious than those who know the lie.

In general, the series continues to develop a coherent plot with surprising twists that seems to know how to integrate into the 12 chapters that will frame it.


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