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Ayakashi Triangle - Chapter 5: Traces

After the kiss with suzu, Matsuri he backs away, but disappears from sight at that moment, so he contacts her immediately. suzu woke up after dreaming about kissing Matsuri, until he gets a call from him and ends up accepting that it wasn't an easy dream. Both were too embarrassed to ask what had happened. However, Matsuri he asks his grandfather, who tells them that it's a 'track', an illusion created by energy yinpractically a ayakashi which can be seen by normal people by looking like one.

Although they should disappear over time, the 'track' from suzu he still doesn't do it because of his power than'Priestess of the Ayakashi'. sense share with the 'track', Matsuri he hurries to find it before something happens to him and he sees himself reflected in the real suzu. Follow your own footsteps suzu, Matsuri And Shirogane You manage to find themtrack' before breaking his fingers trying to get a crepe.

The next day, suzu He wants to speak to Rope–senpai Would you like to learn more about the ayakashi and the Exorcist Ninjaswhich Matsuri don't tell him. Although at first she intended to be accompanied by Matsuri And ShiroganeIn the end she finds herself alone with her Rope. In his family's cafeteria suzu get the information he wanted while discovering the cloak Matsuri And Shirogane used together to eavesdrop on the conversation.

Ayakashi Triangle - Chapter 5

He is back again! In the interim…

After being on indefinite hiatus for over a month due to production issues, the anime of "Ayakashi triangle” returns… Although temporary, confirmed date only for chapters 5 and 6 of the adaptation.

Despite the great tension that the end of the previous episodeI have to admit that for the premiere Ayakashi triangle - Chapter 5 had already lost the charm and fear of seeing it. Not that I wanted to leave the series, but because so much time had passed the flame went out. Something that would have worked quite well for me if he had stuck to a normal one episode per week broadcast, or even if the delay was brief, a single week.

Well, was it worth the wait? I'm honestly not sure. First the adaptation of Ayakashi triangle It already had points against it because of the huge amount of censorship it had and the style of drawing in the animation, so it already had an uncertain future for me. However, I was surprised to see that overall Ayakashi triangle - Chapter 5 I didn't see a moment censored from the PNG version Shirogane.

Of course that's not quite a win, after all I don't think any of the scenes shown in this episode needed censoring at all. What I think can be salvaged is that there was no unnecessary censorship.


I didn't seem to see any improvement in animation quality. Maintaining the same quality he left with. That while it's not entirely bad, because of the break, my expectation was that it would at least improve a little bit. Which of course disappointed me and in a way led me to see it as another negative point. I hope it was just a test because I didn't have any moments that really needed to be improved. I prefer to see a "quiet" chapter like this with simple animation if it means it has good motion fluidity in one with action.

a double

The "resolution" that struck me at the time turned out to be a kind of 'doppelganger'. A copy of you, with a will not there and wandering aimlessly (maybe I'm the 'track' and my true form is sleeping around). But there seems to be something else suzumaybe because of his status as 'Priestess of the Ayakashi'. Well, his'track' He tried to fulfill his wishes suzuboth the crepe and the kiss Matsuri. And I feel like that topic has been left up in the air a bit. Everything mentioned was what I understood in the animated adaptation, but in it it was confirmed that the case of suzu was special because of his status.

I imagine that's how it is and that they don't even want to clarify this because it won't appear again in the adaptation. So it's just going to stay in my mind, and I don't think it's important enough to remember in the adaptation in the future. Unless they mention it again.

Let's come back with the comparison between 'doppelganger' And 'track' while it seems it's just a matter of 'cultural differences' in their world. I won't deny that this drew my attention to other "terms" that might have a similar treatment Ayakashi triangle. Of course, I'm not looking forward to seeing more of it either.

Ayakashi Triangle - Chapter 5

By the way, I find it quite useful to have a 'track' such as suzu. Under a lazy mentality, looking for the 'trackGet work done while the main body rests or engages in leisure activities. And of course uses other than "special" which actually wouldn't surprise me suzu to use them unconsciously.

Finally, and just to emphasize and clarify, the return of does not seem to me Ayakashi triangle be exceptional. Need to see more scenes from fan service to know how much censorship is maintained. But in general I did not find that the waiting time was used. Which leaves the adjustment hanging by a thread on a tightrope. And that, I think, will be forgotten when it's paused again.

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