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Chapter 2: I offer you everything

Year 298 of the Divine Era, two years before present events. Mebuki Kusunoki and a few others are preparing to become the new heroine, only one can achieve it. Two more are Yumiko Miroku and Karin Miyoshi, who both trained beforehand. They face each other in training and win Kusunoki, she is the winner over the other, but Karin is the one who chose the Divine Tree (Shinju-sama). Kusunoki becomes angry at everyone with deep discomfort. Two years later, 300 of the Divine Era, the girls are gathered to support a voyage of discovery outside the barrier in another way. They get ready, they go out, but the stardust leaves them very badly, but they managed to hold out.

Chapter opinion

The chapter as such doesn't have much to explain, it's a presentation of the new protagonists or characters who are Kusunoki, Miroku, maybe Aya and the one with the short hair. If we were to imagine the old one again in the previous chapter, we must now imagine the new one and, in this sense, connect it to past events through the choice of the new heroine. In this respect, the chapter seems good or acceptable to me. Although I prefer the previous one between this and the previous one, it seemed more dynamic. On the other hand, this chapter has already introduced us deeply into this season's theme: Find out what's beyond the barrier.

the opening It seems appropriate to me, it doesn't surprise or excite me, but it works for this anime. the end I like it better, I have the feeling that it conveys something different, something that I later know what it is. Otherwise, the anime is going well.

Last days

There are two clear parts, the past and the present, the year 298 and 300 of the Divine Era. Aside from my chronological problems, the first part told us how and why Karin became a heroine. This chapter does not focus on Karin, but on Kusunoki. Their entire past is unknown to us, but they give us little clues like their father and his words, as well as their stubborn desire to be a heroine. The other one who shows up is Miroku, who seems to come from a rich and half-conceited family, but doesn't seem like a bad person, but rather ruthless and with an eagerness to be the best.

We were also shown what the selection of heroines is like, although it seems to me that not all of them were chosen that way because I can't remember that Yuki was chosen that way and some of the hero clubs were not chosen that way. Perhaps each hero model has its own selected way of being. However, this is more of an excuse to fill the "ships" with crew. Besides, Karin was already seen as friendly because it wasn't when she showed up. Maybe not much crossover, but some inconsistency.

Current penalties

We return to the present and we know everything we know. The Vertex have already been defeated and thus everything behind the barrier can be ruled and populated again, the human conquest of the whole. Those selected to patrol are called Centinel, Guardian. More than heroines, the Chosen Today are a group of explorations, I'd say they are similar to Columbus and his crew. dare to know what's behind it and how to master it. This is where Aya is mentioned and appears, which I don't remember from earlier, but it seems to be some kind of priestess who gives protection (the support in a moba). The mission is in jeopardy as the Stardust attacks the ships and they are almost defeated, they held out, not without great damage. What will you do now?

On the other hand, why did Taisha go to Togo, what did they ask of her? You just want the power of a miko? I assume the problem will be resolved if Togo shows up, I hope. So I thought Togo was training them, but there was no sequence so I don't know.

Good chapter, with some things that I can't quite fit together, I just hope it clears up or the lore is broken. Wait.

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