If we go back to 2014, we would relive those moments when the final chapters of the manga by Naruto They went through the magazine Weekly shonen jump from the publisher Shueisha. Back then the Japanese newspaper Asahi Shimbun have a rare interview with the creator Masashi Kishimotowho dropped a revelation he had when he started receiving letters from overseas fans.

It turned out that it was these letters that made Kishimoto realize how popular his work had become. ""Since manga artists are always locked up at work, it is difficult for us to know firsthand if our works are really popular.β€œMentioned the author of the renowned newspaper. ""It wasn't until I received fan letters overseas that I realized that Naruto was popular outside of Japan. Some of these letters were written in languages ​​I do not understand, but it was apparent that my work was read by people in a variety of countries".

One of the letters Kishimoto received at the time contained a photo of a young boy posing and wearing a cosplay of the protagonist Naruto. ""Such attachments made me very happyThe author has been added.

About Kishimoto and the end of Naruto

When the newspaper article was first published, Kishimoto pondered his original plans to end the series. ""Since the play was first serialized, he has been determined to end the manga series with the battle between Naruto and Sasuke, who has been his rival since the beginning of the story.He mentioned. ""Then, little by little, I decided to go into the details, like they were struggling to be friends or enemies, their feelings and dialogues while they were drawing the series. About two years ago (2012) I felt that I was definitely finished.".

Kishimoto never thought the Naruto manga series would last fifteen years. At first, his editor told him to go on for at least five years, and the hard work of regularly keeping up with Naruto in a weekly magazine made the writer think seriously about quitting several times. In the end, it was the characters that "stood out," Kishimoto concluded.

Anytime he wanted to quickly offer a solution to a problem in the story and move on, his characters wouldn't let him. Naruto and the rest of the cast were the ones who ultimately decided how long the series would last, just as foreign fans let Kishimoto see how popular the piece he had created was.

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