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Chapter 7: You Don't Know

Mami and Tsuruno attack, the new allies have to withdraw. They meet and Felicia separates from the group, she no longer believes in Yachiyo, no one follows her. Sakura reveals more secrets, the soul stones were used in experiments to fuse the Magical Girls with the rumors. Mifuyu enters with a. on origami, makes Mitama speak, mostly thanks to Momoko, and gives the explanation to save Tsuruno and Mami. The key is this associate. They return to the attack, they face each other again, they attack Tsuruno but they cannot connect to her and the rumor makes her stand up no matter how badly she is injured. The nightmare begins.

Chapter opinion

The fight will definitely be interesting. The frame quality remains the same, definitely good. The picture quality this time I felt diminished, not bad, but diminished. There are several stills in which there is only talk, and the dialogues are not animated much, such as Felicia's departure. But the way they put it all together naturally looks like this was planned in and of itself, and maybe it was, but we keep in mind that the budget is limited. Add that there were recycled scenes. I say this because most likely the entire budget will be squeezed in the final battle, which is most anticipated. If so, everything is fine. Otherwise everything in appropriate quality.

Enemies, but they're still friends

Tsuruno and Mami, these friends who are now enemies, but not willingly. Again and again a fight between old friends will attract attention and make the series attractive. In this case, the enmity is not knowing, that is, the friends are enemies because they are controlled in some way, they are still good and therefore they must be saved. This is very different from what happened between Naruto and Sasuke, for example, because the latter really became a villain without an iota of inner goodness.

About this the rumors are really disturbing, because according to Sakura, who is later confirmed, reveals that there is a merger between Rumor and Magical Girl. While the power of witches can be controlled, the power of rumors seems to be beyond the control of a common or exalted Magical Girl. It's more up Embryo eve she is an artificial witch, but witch. What is the limit a rumor can reach?

No luck

After a while, Yachiyo could see Sana and Felicia hugging them and saying that he missed them. This is where the conflict with Felicia begins. He can no longer believe, he decides not to believe any more. He feels like they let him down, especially Yachiyo, who had his burden and is now having a hard time trusting that it will be fine without a double. Influenced by Magius? Not because of his ideals, but because of what he saw and learned. It is no longer possible to believe when you know the truth, it's like a relationship with a couple, how can I believe in his loyalty when I know that he was unfaithful to me?

Yachiyo, on the other hand, has a maternal demeanor. This is because she is older and an adult feels almost responsible for not neglecting the children. So it's not a maternal attitude because she feels like her mother (it's not like Katara to Soka from Avatar the last airbender), but out of friendship and because she knows that she is the oldest.

Mitama, congratulations

Mitama switched sides, for something forced I'd say. Basically, it seemed very good to me to use the resource of the puppets for the theater (as in Yamishibai), which always looks great, especially in an anime with a dark aesthetic like the franchise from Madoka Magica. We now know his past, it is understandable that the loneliness was actually cured with friendship, but wasn't it very premature? I understand that Momoko and Mitama were known for a long time, but the interaction between them did not make us understand that it was a lot. It will be justifiable, yes, but with a very quick resolution of the conflict. Mitama also managed to open her heart, in this case: Congratulations.

associate with Tsuruno

As mentioned above, the associate with Tsuruno to be able to save her. I am sure that associate not just a gathering of power but a gathering of souls associate in the deepest sense of the word. Therefore tsuruno can be saved like Mami, both keep their souls, just hidden in the depths of their new self. They have to arrive there, although it is well known that it will not be easy. Tsuruno has been defeated in a way, but she stands up like nothing in a scene that is very terrifying when you look at it closely. Can you save yesterday's friends?

There are only a few chapters left, the final battle is approaching and I hope it is well animated, although there is nothing I can do about it, I hope that it is fine.
PS: Sakura and Iroha will do it associate very strong to be the protagonists.

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