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Chapter 6: Only I Can Do It

The defeat of the at their attacking Kuro was unforeseen, and she hadn't expected that this ghost would destroy them all and eventually whisper if he forgot her. Mifuyu changes sides, she is convinced by her friends to leave Magius, for which she goes to her leaders and asks them to end the whole plan immediately, she tries to save Tsuruno, but is defeated. On the other hand, Yachiyo meets Madoka and Co, with whom they advance not without difficulty until they reach the rumor where everything is happening. Iroha meets Sakura, she helps her and they manage to open the door so that the others can enter, but suddenly a melody sounds and Mami comes out as Queen and Tsuruno of a different color. The curtain closes.

Chapter opinion

Like the previous chapter, it is still a completion of what has been said above, the final execution of what we already know. Surely several were waiting for the meeting of the two protagonists and maybe they wanted it to be epic. It didn't seem memorable to me, but I understand that it is, the context is not that it is for the best and what they had to do. Other highlights of the chapter are that of Tsuruno and Mami, that of Mifiyu and what happened to Kuroe, the rest is as expected unless I forgot something. Another thing is that every time the soundtrack similar or the same as the original anime is played, the whole scene becomes a lot more magical. In my personal opinion, it's one of the best soundtracks in the anime. Otherwise there is not much to analyze, above all to enjoy.

Touka's words

Let's look at that first. The universe of Mahou Shoujo. We know they have existed since ancient times, several centuries before Christ. What were your wishes and what consequences did these wishes have for humanity? Well, what Touka points out is that all of human advancement is thanks to the Magical Girls who were used to move them forward. That is, to put it as a probability, were the witch massacres designed to use the magic of these magical girls? That makes me think. Knowing this, it is understandable what resentments one can have and what hatred Touka expresses, although his intentions are not to help the Magical Girls but to take revenge on humanity. Likewise what is the unknown history of the Mahou Shoujo?

More strange things

We start with something that I can't remember having any justification or was mentioned before, the case of Kuroe. What appeared to him and whispered to him when he forgot? An old friend, a relative? Or the double can also activate stands that can't be controlled? I want answers, but I only have doubts. It seems that the spectrum is powerful, it could be that at together, which raises further doubts.

Something that isn't that weird, but I'm going to say it here, is what happened to Mifuyu, the serious girl who decided to switch sides and work with the girls from Mikazuki. It seemed that she wasn't interested in these things, but there was a certain disturbance in her that made her react and move away from Magius. In the end, the betrayal does not go well and is caught. That's the strange thing: what did Alina want to tell him? These words, while not being enigmatic, respond to a context that I am not familiar with. Will Alina also become a traitor?

Teamwork, they are finally coming together

Yachiyo with Madoka and companion on the one hand, Sakura with Iroha, to finally meet when the door is opened. Yachiyo was far away and casually encountered the girls and only recognized one. They decide to work together because they know they can't do it on their own and since there is already someone in this group they know it will be easier. He steals a truck and they leave. All in all, Homura is the one who should get the most recognition in my opinion, not only because she saved her from possible death, but because she's also my favorite character (hehe), but other than that, she's the one who does the Repeated fate knows consequences. On the other hand is that associate from Sakura and Yachiyo it was powerful, that is the power of trust.

The meeting between the two protagonists wasn't epic, Yachiyo and Madoka interact at the tournaments, but it goes without saying because they don't know each other and there was no fight that united them to fight, which does not mean that it will be like that in the future This. Furthermore, the fact that it was so may respond to not wanting to give the originals so much relevance and stressing that it's not their anime, it's their universe, but they're not the necessary protagonists. And that's okay, because given the people, it would have been weird that they work so well that they barely see each other just to highlight Madoka who, except for a few things, didn't shine. But we'll see what else happens because they aren't there to be.

What happened at the end of the chapter?

In the end, two things happen that I understand because they didn't answer, at least I don't think so. The appearance of Mommy who activated the double and although she has a deranged face seems to be conscious. His character design, at least from what I've seen, is the best I've seen on either anime, the design is beautiful (¿Mamigood?). On the other hand we have Tsuruno, she is when controlled, even her color has completely changed and she is a medium sized, rare light blue. Will they be the last enemy or the ones before Touka? On the other hand is the post-credits scene, did Nemu and Tsuruno already know each other? And what he said at the end may have something to do with what Touka said about the Magical Girls.We are the ones who need to be saved".

Good chapter. The last fight is approaching and it has it all: Magic Girls friends and enemies and most likely even Walpurgis included. Everything will be a very nice mess to see.

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