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Chapter 1: I felt like we could become magical girls

Homura and Madoka face a witch, Sayaka comes to the meeting, but they cannot defeat her. They pull back and talk, Sayaka managed to find Mommy, but she wasn't the same. She learns the cruel truth of the Magical Girls, decides to withdraw, in the end she prefers to stay clean to succumb to despair. Kyubey doesn't understand her, Sayaka kills him, but another shows up, what he does, he does for the universe, he too withdraws. Madoka understands Homura; The next day she meets the same witch again and confronts her, Madoka recognizes, asks Sayaka for help, she refuses. Madoka and Homura have complications, but Sayaka arrives and understands that they are Magical Girls and thanks to Homura's power, defeat them. The secrets are revealed in Kamihama.

Chapter opinion

After a year, four months and a few days, the second part of Magical recordwhich I was looking forward to too much. I understand it will only take 8 chapters so it will be short but hopefully lengthy. I think you can do well on these 8 chapters, but I think if it were 12 chapters it could be better. Definitely hope for the best.

The technical part is nothing objectionable in a nutshell, although let's say my phone and the headphones I use don't help much, but I felt it all in the quality that this franchise typically offers. Finally, the plot picks up what was seen in the final chapter of the first season, just with the anime's original protagonists: Madoka and Homura. That was predictable, after all, the anime bears the name Madoka. Now let's analyze the parts of the chapter.

Same story but different

I think it is understood that the events of the anime occur simultaneously with the "original" events of the anime. For those who don't remember, Homura had the power not only to stop time, rewind events to a point she wanted, for which the Homura we are seeing already knew what was going to happen, but now she knows that something else happened on that timeline. And it is estimated because both Mami and Sayaka went to Kamihama, and a girl appeared to Homura herself and told her to go to Kamihama.

What had to happen for this new thing to come into being? What was the breakpoint of temporality for events to change? I don't know, I understand that only Homura can have concerns in time and change them. So we can say that these are new events of the "original" line (to be understandable, although this anime as such, from what has been shown so far, has nothing to do with the original other than the return of time and the original) Protagonists).

Hope, hopelessness

About the Soul stones Yes the seeds of suffering have already been declared twice, the first in the original anime, the second in the first season of Magical record and now. But for those who don't remember or are lazy to check out the above, a great recap that is also included in this chapter. The Soul Stones are the souls of the Magical Girls who were born out of hope for them but gradually fell into agony for which they must be purified. To clean yours Gemstones should use that Seeds of sufferingthat can only be obtained by defeating witches. Now if a jewel is violated, the Magic Girl is violated of no return, she becomes a witch and she jewel on Seeds. This is the fate that every Magical Girl holds in store.

Hoping that something will happen otherwise leads to cruel hopelessness, leading to pain that you may never be able to return from.

Together they are magical girls

Like a classic in the anime, the power of unity manages to overcome any obstacle. Sayaka returns to the fight despite being scared. Despite everything, Sayaka loves her friends more, so she protects them because “family” is the most important thing. But let's say that Homura's power helped a lot (poor her because she was dragged x of), stop time and only move those who are in contact with her, who give her an A. Seeds. All of this made them realize that they are magical girls and, most importantly, that they are friends.

Participation in events

That Walpurgis Night it's close, we were told. You will need as much help as possible. Will the anime end tonight? As I've seen in video games, it can be. So the route can be: help the girls from Kamihama so that they can help them later in the Walpurgis Night. We now know that Yachiyo is looking for information about Magius, not very friendly. It is given with the news of a new one rumor: Hotel Esperanza Tenue. A good name to demonstrate the rapid fall of despair.

On the other hand, something has come true that we already thought Iroha's sister was the one behind Magius. But how? I think as the chapters progress it will be revealed. I just wish I knew this more shockingly, but it's still okay. In the end, things are chained. What I don't know is whether we will see Madoka and Co. as protagonists from now on or we will see Yachiyo himself, because the last chapter of the first season was too shocking for his protagonists, what happened after that?

Let's wait for the next chapters and those too opening to be able to give an opinion. in the The End a brief summary of the first season was given. In my opinion, the protagonists interfered well. Anyway, good start.

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