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Kanojo mo Kanojo - Chapter 1: Even if it's not the right way

Naoya Mukai is a junior high school boy who recently managed to make Saki, his childhood friend, his girlfriend. Something he had tried since elementary school but was always turned down. Now, already in a relationship with Saki, Naoya doesn't hesitate to share her thoughts about her in front of others.

After class, Naoya hangs on the school roof, waiting for Saki to finish her club activities. Then a girl appears out of nowhere who confirms that he is Naoya and doesn't hesitate to admit her feelings. After the abrupt confession, she introduces herself as Nagisa Minase, also a newcomer. Aside from giving him a bento that she was ready to conquer him. When Naoya has finished eating, Nagisa asks Naoya if he thinks she is pretty, which he immediately accepts, so the girl asks him to go out with her. However, despite his great affection for Nagisa, Naoya cannot accept because he already has a girlfriend. However, he makes a strange suggestion, so they both go looking for Saki to speak to.

When they meet Saki at the school entrance, Saki persuades her to hang out and get to know each other better so that they can chat afterwards. Going karaoke, playing basketball, among other things, until you land in a park at sunset. There Naoya Saki tells how Nagisa confessed her feelings to her and asks her to enter into a romantic relationship with both of them at the same time. However, what makes Saki angry and completely refuses, she accepts at her and Nagisa's insistence. Now with an unconventional relationship, Naoya decides that the best way to get to know each other better is to spend more time together, so he invites her to live with him.

Kanojo mo Kanojo - Chapter 1
© ヒ ロ ユ キ ・ 講 談 社 / カ ノ ジ ジ ョ も 彼女 製作 委員会 2021

A love triangle?

Kanojo mo Kanojo is based on the manga of the same name, written and illustrated by Hiroyuki-senseiwho is also the original creator of comedy works such as Aho girl Yes Mangaka-san to Assistant-san tooto name just a few of his works. Which I can warmly recommend to every lover of comedy.

Now back to Kanojo mo Kanojo. The story revolves around an unusual love affair, all from a somewhat exaggerated and absurdly comical point of view. But what for comedy who takes care of the works of Hiroyuki-sensei, a style Manzai with 'the fool' and 'the serious one'. Although it is initially a love affair with three people involved, it is gender harem it is present in the work, and as some know or have realized, the relationship will continue to grow.

I will not deny that the main attraction of this work for me was the harem genre, but that I ended up attracted thanks to the touch of comedy that is typical of it Hiroyuki-sensei. Speaking of manga. Which I happened to put aside, but I think I've read enough to know what is being animated. As long as the adaptation is faithful.

© ヒ ロ ユ キ ・ 講 談 社 / カ ノ ジ ジ ョ も 彼女 製作 委員会 2021

The plot, in my opinion, helps portray an unusual but non-existent situation from a comical and extravagant aspect. So I'm going to be lying on the perceptions of "normal" and common sense. Well, I'm pretty sure the perception of the world varies depending on who you ask. And one of the topics to talk more about is love relationships that involve beliefs that I either share or not. I mention all of this in an effort to let readers know that my "prudence" may be outside of generally known guidelines, but that I do not want to offend anyone in any way. It's just my ideology. Which I don't think is right. In fact, I don't think there is a "right one".

My taste for the genre harem it is because one is not bound by being one for one. Personally, I think that there should be no restrictions when people are happy with their relationships. More precisely, on the number of pairs. I am basically for polyamory. Though there has been long internal debate as to whether that's more selfish than wanting one person to be yours only.

In any case, and with this in mind, it can (and it is very possible) that this topic will be touched on in future "reviews" in the future by comparing my abstract point of view with the various situations in the plot of Kanojo mo Kanojo.

I won't give up just because you rejected me once

As the beginning of the series, Kanojo mo Kanojo - Chapter 1 introduced us to the protagonists of the story. In a pretty blunt way. Naoya Mukai, the male lead; Saki Saki, first friend and childhood friend; and Nagisa Minase, the second friend and a cute freshman girl in high school.

Naoya is too sober for my taste. Although a positive point of the character is his sincerity in making decisions and performing actions that are usually not common in a male character. I don't think I can be compared to any other "extraordinary" male character. Of course, that personality is what gives Naoya the essence and why this whole act began. Personally, I prefer the "extraordinary" protagonists to be more analytical in their personality, such as: Sakuta Azusagawa (AoButa).

The seiyuu is responsible for giving Naoya a voice Junya Enokiwho has already done it with: Shin (Dorohedoro), Shingo Ichinomiya (Hachi-nan tte, wound wa Nai deshou!), Yuuji Itadori (Jujutsu Kaisen), Takezou kurata (Kono Oto Tomare!), Shoutarou Tatewaki (Sakurako-san no Ashimoto ni wa Shitai ga Ummatteiru), among many others.

Kanojo mo Kanojo - Chapter 1
© ヒ ロ ユ キ ・ 講 談 社 / カ ノ ジ ジ ョ も 彼女 製作 委員会 2021

What the heroines of Kanojo mo Kanojo. While Saki is more active and cheerful, Nagisa is more humble and considerate. Even so, Nagisa is much more direct and "aggressive" when it comes to the progress of the relationship. That's why she's my favorite of the two at the moment. Not only in terms of personality, but also aesthetically. On this last aspect, however, I have to admit that they are pretty balanced, with very little difference in person.

The seiyuu from Saki is Ayane Sakura. What also gave a voice: Yotsuba nakano (Gotoubun no Hanayome), Prinz Eugen (Azure Trail), Ochako Uraraka (Boku is not a hero academy), Nao tomori (Charlotte), Solution Epsilon (Overlord), Nadeshiko kashima (Mikakunin from Shinkoukei), among other.

Azumi waki is the seiyuu Give Nagisa a voice. Other characters he has portrayed include: Maika Sakuranomiya (Mixture S), Rem galeu (Isekai Maou after Shoukan Shoujo no Dorei Majutsu), Sisbell Nou Nebula IX (KimiSen), Flatorte (Slime Taoshite 300-nen, Shiranai Uchi ni Level Max and Nattemashita), Shion kujou (Sounan Desu ka?), etc.

A promising start

I was honestly intrigued by the quality of Kanojo mo Kanojo - Chapter 1, both in animation and musicalization. The studio that was responsible for the animation of. responsible for Kanojo mo Kanojo it is Tezuka Productions, a study that was responsible Dororo, the first season of Gotoubun no Hanayome, black jack, Adachi to Shimamura, Astro Boy, etc. With more old than newer productions. And it hasn't always shown a consistent quality in the animation as I can easily recall the quality flaws during the first season of Gotoubun no Hanayome (the deformed face of Itsuki I can't forget her in any of the episodes). However, I will give you the confidence and opportunity to show that you don't always have faults.

On Kanojo mo Kanojo - Chapter 1 showed excellent quality. With a fluid movement of the characters, a well-done atmosphere and great lighting in the scenes. Perhaps the least convincing thing about the animation was the small detail when Saki winked her eye early on Kanojo mo Kanojo - Chapter 1. I honestly felt pretty weird.

Perhaps another annoying detail in the animation is the fog density in the bathroom scene. It seemed like unnecessary censorship. This scene may not have very graphic fan service moments in the manga. But at least it showed more of the scene than the fog that covered 80% of the shot.

Kanojo mo Kanojo - Chapter 1
© ヒ ロ ユ キ ・ 講 談 社 / カ ノ ジ ジ ョ も 彼女 製作 委員会 2021

But not just the animation in Kanojo mo Kanojo - Chapter 1 gets my praise, as does the musicalization. With perfect coordination to further accentuate the situations in every scene, whether funny, calm or tense. In fact, my favorite scene was thanks to the sound setting that introduced me to a hero returning victorious from a difficult battle, but on screen you could see a different kind of "hero" begging his girlfriend to grant him a relationship two Girls at the same time. This comical epic, combined with the angle of view, the good lighting and even the "simplicity" in Naoya's expression, let me know that this series would not disappoint.

As for the beginning and the end, I confess that I enjoyed both very much. The rhythm of their songs and the animation shown seemed very good to me. At the moment they are my favorites for this summer 2021 season. But if I had to choose one of the two, I would go for the opening. "Fuzaketenaize (ふ ざ け て な い ぜ)" of Necry Talkie (ネ ク ラ イ ト ー キ ー), I have that well over the end "Pinky Hook (ピ ン キ ー フ ッ ク)" of Momo Asakura. As I said, I like both of them very much.

On Kanojo mo Kanojo - Chapter 1 managed to create very high expectations for the series so I wholeheartedly hope that it will be maintained or improved as the episodes evolve. Becomes one of the gems of comedy this season. And yes, I value it more as a comedy than a harem.

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