It was in the 60's when the manga by Monkey Punch, pseudonym of Kazuhiko Kato, debuted in Japan with Weekly Manga Action. The mangaka was inspired by the famous novels of Maurice Lelance to create his own work on paper, creating iconic characters that he returns to Lupine Zero.

But the characters of Monkey Punch have undergone their own development in the course of the animated adaptations: The development of the gentleman thief in the anime series has made him the one most known to the general public. The latter has always asked himself many questions about it Origin of the charismatic thief in a jacket and to her delight, Lupine Zero will take care of it.

That. is therefore branched off from the official networks first promotional trailer, present at the end of the news. The product resumes the aesthetic style of the latest series and from the first seconds, the charismatic appearance of Lupine III, an enterprising and risk-averse personality, can be appreciated from the first seconds. The video also features his best friend Jigen, who was already a veteran gunslinger by the time. There's no shortage of previews of the beginning called AFRO”LUPIN'68 and the ending called Lupine Sanse Shudaika II, the latter by Tavito Nanao.

With all of that the poster and a key visual can also be used, also visible below, and the latter represents the character designs of the new characters attached to the respective elements of the cast. Read from left to right: There is Yoko played by Saori Hayami, Lupine I by Yoshito Yasuhara, Shinobu by Toa Yukinari, and Lupine II by Toshio Furukawa. The characters are each a seductive girl who will meet the protagonists, the grandfather of Lupine III, a maid of the Arsenio family and the father of Lupine III.

It won't be long as Lupine Zero will debut streaming on the day thanks to HIDIVE December 16, 2022, with six episodes. Are you curious to see them? What do you think of the new promos? In the meantime, you might be interested to read the special on how Lupine III shaped a generation's childhood.

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