Reservation! This review about Kakkou no Iinazuke Chapters 19, 20, and 21 contain spoilers. If you haven't seen the episodes yet, I recommend watching them and then coming back to read the review.


Chapter 19

Kakkou no Iinazuke Chapter nineteen begins with Nagi ask for it Erika about the person you are looking for. This is where the excitement mounts as he responds by showing him the photo they appear in Soichiro, Ritsukoher and the one who seems to be Nagi as a child, but Erika says it's her older brother, sosuke. So her fondness for photography is because she wants to sosuke she finds, which clearly indicates how she seems to feel for him. to all this Nagi goes in search of this boy. However, he is aware that something is wrong and decides to speak to him personally. Soichiro. But more were the doubts his father had left him than the answers.

Soichiro He completely denied having another child Nagibecause he made that very clear Nagi he's his only son, which I think is absolutely right as I have no idea such a thing exists sosukeunless it's the same Nagi.

What makes me doubt is that Soichiro mention the possibility of that Nagi could marry sacchi. Surely he mentioned that with the idea of ​​causing a stir between them, or at least I think so. Soichiro He's really a subject full of surprises and at the moment he's also a mysterious character who's hiding something important.


Chapter 20

At the beginning of this chapter Nagi come home and ask Erika the possibility that she might marry him sosukehow Soichiro He had mentioned to her that he could get married sacchi. The reaction of Erika She makes it abundantly clear that she doesn't oppose the idea, but seems embarrassed.

Nagi He is concerned about the recent situation surrounding his alleged brother. Hiro He immediately notices your concern and asks you out. They were both on bicycles Hiro He asks an interesting question. "What is closest and at the same time furthest?", Nagi answers that air, but the correct answer that Hiro then it reveals itself to him, is "the family".


We can see how much Hiro takes care of Nagi And by asking him out, she wanted to help lift his spirits and make him feel better. We can also note that this appointment with Hiro it was very helpful Nagi. But the possible existence of this supposed older brother still resonates in his mind.

Soichiro talk to sacchi and also mentions that he might get married Nagi. Which surprised her, but since she likes him, the thought didn't make her uncomfortable. So much so that he asked Nagi if he would agree to marry her. Nagi He took this statement very seriously, however sacchiAs expected, he quickly said he was only joking.

Chapter 21

In this chapter Nagi gets the results of the qualifications again in first place. Because of this event Hiro invite Nagi on the roof to talk to him. Even though Nagi it was explained to him again Hiro she assured that she couldn't be quite sure if he would surpass her again. However, she told him that she wanted to be engaged to him, which was more than enough to arouse him. Nagi. So he took it as a statement.


Nagi did not hesitate to make known what had happened to Hirotell everything Erika Y sacchi. And since the summer holidays have started, Erika suggests examining what he meant Hiro to say those words Nagi. His proposal was linked to the idea of ​​going to the beach.

Erika Y Nagi They went shopping to get ready for the beach and while on the bus Erika agrees Nagi He wanted to talk about their relationship. Yes OK Hiro he already knew about their engagement, it would be better not to mention that they also lived together; moreover, that this is a secret of both of them. However, things didn't turn out the way they expected. sacchi had invited Hiro to the house and she eventually found out they lived together.

beach day

Although they had planned to extract information Hiro about his true intentions regarding the words he professed Nagihe himself decided to speak to her directly, mainly to explain the reason for this Erika and he lives together. Clearly, Hiro I had already said Nagi that she didn't want there to be any more lies and the fact that she had been hiding something so important made her uneasy.


Hiro finally apologized to Nagiafter pulling out a strand of hair and saying a phrase that isn't romantic at all: "Do it again and I curse you"he was very happy with it, to the point of bragging about it Erikawho just took it as a joke.

sacchi came into the conversation and meant that Hiro I wasn't attracted Nagi, but saw him only as a rival. But after that Erika went to the bathroom to take a shower Nagi asks her if she likes him since apparently Hiro He mentioned something related. sacchi he took the question as an insult and shielded himself with his brute force.

final opinion

We are only 3 chapters away from finishing this journey we have lived in this anime, Kakkou no Iinazuke. Honestly, I'm looking forward to the ending. As you may have noticed there are still some unfinished business and presumably there should be more answers than questions by now so I understand it's nothing more and nothing less than the course of a first season and that we're going to have to do on one second part to learn more about the mysteries that remain in this anime.

As I mentioned before, I'm a team Erika, which I still care about and hope they will get together. Secondly, Hiro has already begun to show some of his feelings Nagithat already excites me and I would like to see more of it, even if I always hold on to my wishes Erika Y Nagi be together at the end of the story. I would like to add one more thing that I don't talk about much sacchi because I don't see her as a rival who can really make a difference. Nagi has made it very clear that she is his little sister and apparently Nagi he can't get used to the thought of marrying her.

In short, we still have a lot to know, understand and know. So just stay tuned to this anime and discover with me the interesting story that is hidden here.

Thanks again jihye for your help in reviewing chapters 17 and 18, which I was unable to do due to work-related reasons. However, here I am back and will continue the reviews on this anime. I started with him and will end with him. thank you jihyefor the help.

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