Let's talk straight - The Dangers in My Heart is killing it. For five weeks, it's been the champ on Anime Trending. Anna Yamada and Kyotaro Ichikawa? They're the talk of the town, snagging titles like "Best Couple" and "Best Characters." But hey, not everyone's sold. Some folks are scratching their heads, asking, "Why isn't this in the Crunchyroll Awards?"

Here's the deal: some say this Winter 2024 anime season's a snooze fest, but others are all in, saying it's a breath of fresh air. And this show? It's been owning the top spot since day one. That's no small feat.

The Dangers in My Heart

Will it keep up the streak? The manga readers are on the edge of their seats, waiting to see if the show will follow through with the big moments they're hoping for. The crowd's mixed, with some saying it's top-notch and others calling it average.

Check out what they're saying:

  • "Top-tier anime with the best characters around!"
  • "Didn't see it coming, but The Dangers in My Heart is legit good."
  • "This season's just bland. The first season had more going for it."
  • "This season's great, except for Sousou no Frieren. That's on another level."
  • "Obvious it would take first place, nothing else is popping this season."
  • "How did this not get a Crunchyroll Awards nod?"
  • "It's so-so. How's it winning every week?"
  • "A weak, lazy guy is a hit with the ladies? Go figure."
  • "Cute, but they'll probably wrap it up by high school."
  • "First episode didn't hook me, so I bailed."
  • "I think Ichikawa's cuter than Yamada, to be honest."
  • "Once they're a couple, the comedy's over. That's usually the endgame."
  • "It's got something, but it doesn't feel real. Like the clueless pretty girl clichΓ©."
  • "Missed the second season. Did it even level up from the first?"

Bottom line: The Dangers in My Heart is a big deal this season. It's got people talking, debating, and binge-watching. It's got flaws, sure, but it's also got fans hooked. As the episodes drop, we'll see if it keeps its crown or if the hype fizzles out. Either way, it's making waves, and that's what counts. If you're into it, why not spread the word? Sharing is part of the fun, after all.

Source: Yaraon!

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