Terumi Nishii has initiated a pivotal discussion on working conditions in the anime industry, drawing attention to the oppressive nature of full-time employment therein. With a vast repertoire including major titles, her profound insights into prevalent systemic flaws command respect.

Unveiling Critical Issues

In dialogue with Anime News Network, Nishii presents critical issues: insubstantial union backing, routine hiring of inadequately trained animators, and the imposition of grueling shifts on permanent staff.

Her alliance with the Japan Animation Film Association (NAFCA) aims to address these matters vigorously. She portrays an industry pushing animators to extremes, asserting, "Standard practices involve unnecessarily protracted hours or impractical deadlines, eliminating any semblance of work-life balance," she indicates. Prominent studios like MAPPA are not exempt from such practices.

This situation stems from enduring industry norms equating long-term employment with herculean effort. "Only recently has there been recognition of the industry's fundamental deficiencies, where fiscal limitations permit mistreatment by tenured staff… A movement to preserve creative excellence, whilst transforming established procedures is underway," she observes.

Addressing the Freelancer Issue

The labor dilemma is intensified by dependence on novice freelancers. Studios, constrained by a shortage of skilled labor, are hence reliant on amateurs, whose errors are subsequently rectified by seasoned professionals.

The absence of animator unions severely undermines the negotiation potential of studio workers. "The lack of collective bargaining inhibits meaningful progress; individual advancements are not reflective of collective benefit," Nishii comments.

Strides by NAFCA

Nishii, with NAFCA, is spearheading an animator survey intended to provide the government with essential data for informed interventions. NAFCA is also promoting an "Animator Skills Test" to help studios identify qualified personnel, while offering freelancers a path to hone their skills.

Let's share to others and engage in dialogue to support an environment where creativity in animation is sustainable and equitable.

Reference: ANN

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