A Gakken Publishing survey reveals a shift in job interests among Japan's youth, contrasting primary and secondary students' career choices.

Top Picks for Primary Kids: Internet Fame

Primary school boys are drawn to the idea of being "YouTubers and other Internet streamers" a dream holding its ground since 2021. Traditional roles like "police officers" and "athletes" still make the list, but digital dreams are in the lead.


Secondary Students' Choices: Solid Professions

Older students lean towards stable jobs. "Engineer/programmer" leads, with "company employee" and "professional soccer player" also popular. The "YouTuber" aspiration drops to eleventh place among this group.

Girls' Favorites: Creativity and Care

"Pastry chef" remains the number one choice for primary school girls, followed by "nurse" and "singer/idol" For secondary school girls, "school teacher/professor" is the top pick, with healthcare and public service jobs also in favor.

This survey points to the changing tides in career aspirations, influenced by societal shifts and technological advancements. Education and policy makers need to support these changing interests and ensure a workforce prepared for the demands of the future.

Discussing these findings can lead to strategies that help young people achieve their diverse career goals. Share these insights to contribute to the conversation on nurturing the next generation's potential.

Source: Livedoor News

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