2022 was a very important year for the medium. The animation industry's popularity has grown in Japan thanks to several prestigious releases and incredible returns, while manga sales have steadily increased. But Who Were the Most Popular Manga Characters of the Year?

There Presentation of the Magademy Awards 2022 six of the most popular protagonists of the last year. Will it have been old glories like Luffy or Goku to get these awards, or new generation protagonists like Midoriya and Boruto? Actually none of that.

The last edition of the Magademy Awards honored protagonists of caliber Mikey from Tokyo Revengers and Guts from Berserk, but this year instead? The winners of the six categories competing for the 2022 Magademy Awards were:

  • Best Male Lead: Blue Giant Explorer's Dai Miyamoto, Shinichi Ishizuka;
  • Best Female Lead: Inori Yuitsuka from Medalist, Tsurumaikada's;
  • Best Male Supporting Character: Chifuyu Matsuno of the Tokyo RevengersKenWakui;
  • Best Female Supporting Character: Ai Haibara from Detective ConanGosho Aoyama;
  • Best Newcomer: Rudo da Gachiakuta, Kei Urana;
  • Special Jury Prize: Chiikawa from Chiikawa, Nagano.

This ranking rewards two illustrious names, Chifuyu and Ai Haibara from Tokyo Revengers and Detective Conan, but who would you have rewarded instead? Tell us your personal ranking. Speaking of rankings, here is the best anime girl of 2022.

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