In the video field, the term drop means the interruption of a product. For example, have you ever started an anime and then stopped it because the story didn't fully involve you? Here are the top dropped manga in Japan according to a survey.

ONE PIECE is a really long-lived anime, a similar discourse that certainly affects the paper counterpart as well, but just think they may serve to catch up with the television adaptation more than two weeks of continuous viewing. The length may certainly have prompted someone to follow the manga weekly over time, just as some readers may not be encouraged to finish Attack of the Giants due to the controversial ending.

All about newsa Japanese newspaper, therefore asked readers what they think are the most dropped comics of all time and if ONE PIECE, The attack of the giants and Jujutsu Kaisen stand out in this ranking. Among the reasons for these downvotes, the most widely held would accuse the manga in question of blocking the main plot multiple times.

And you, on the other hand, agree with these opinions of some Japanese users? But most importantly, have you ever published a manga? Let us know with a comment below.

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