Also this month Dragon Ball great It won't be returning with a new chapter, but V-Jump magazine, the same one that's serializing the manga, has promised big news for the next official story arc. Unfortunately, however, readers will have to wait to know the continuation of the story.

Dragon Ball Super returns in December with an unreleased saga and Goten and Trunks. A rather strange return as fans were expecting the main story to continue, but it seems to be hiding something more. We remember, in fact, that it will also be released in December the home video edition of DB Super: Super Herowhich is why the arc could be an excuse on their part shueisha to sponsor Blu-rays and the eventual new web anime.

The saga in question, which is unlikely to be as long as Granolah's, is linked to the latest film from TOEI animation and could even fit specifically into the manga the new forms of Piccolo and Gohan. Even if the manga has been on hiatus for two months, it might be an excellent idea to suggest an unreleased adventure involving Trunks and Goten to give the franchise some fresh air.

And you, on the other hand, what do you think of this new bow, are you curious? Let us know with a comment below.

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