We often talk about the most important Viking anime of recent times, but Vinland Saga is also booming in the manga field. The comic, written and drawn by Makoto Yukimura, based on the stories of medieval Viking explorers, continues its monthly publication in Kodansha’s Magazine its Afternoon.

But how long will it do that? This has been known for a long time Makoto Yukimura works at the end of his story, a story that has been in production for almost twenty years. Vinland Saga is on hiatus for the time being and won’t return until September, but during this period the author was involved in a certain interview, where he didn’t reveal just one detail.

Makoto Yukimura and Hajime Isayama, author of The Attack of the Giants, did a joint interview. In the statements, the Sensei Yukimura confirms that Vinland Saga is nearing its end. The manga will therefore end shortly, as it already expected several years ago. At the moment it is not known when the conclusion of the release will arrive, but for those who are at eye level with the story, it is very clear that the end of Thorfinn’s story is very close.

Will the land of Vinland be a harbinger of bad luck, or will this Viking find the serenity he seeks in search of peace?

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