there Onigashima War vs. Kaido and Big Mom has inevitably changed the way the world sees protagonist Monkey D. Luffy. The one who will reach the One Piece in the next period has seen his size skyrocket. But it's not just Luffy's bounty. Along with him there were actually new increases.

Now that he's become one of the Yonkos, the captain has seen a raise in salary, but so has his crew. And indeed the Spoiler of ONE PIECE 1058 finally unveil the new Mugiwara sizes. Here's what has leaked so far:

  • Chapter 1058 is titled "New Emperor";
  • In the cover adventure, Caesar Clown asks Germa 66 to join them;
  • All Mugiwaras' bounties and more are revealed;
  • Roronoa Zoro has a bounty of 1.101 billion berries;
  • Jinbe has a bounty of 1.1 billion berries;
  • Sanji has a bounty of 1.032 billion berries;
  • Chopper has a meager bounty of 1000 berries;
  • Nico Robin has a bounty of 930 million berries;
  • Buggy is not the true leader of the Cross Guild, he was accidentally elected Emperor by the Navy;
  • Buggy owes someone a big debt;
  • Mihawk has a bounty of 3.590 billion berries and has been dubbed "the sea hunter" in the past;
  • Buggy has a bounty of 3.189 billion berries;
  • Crocodile has a bounty of 1.965 billion berries;
  • At the end of the chapter comes a call to the Revolutionary Army, it's Sabo.

ONE PIECE will be on hiatus next week.

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