For a few weeks now, the web has been discussing the future of Dragon Ball greatmore precisely in relation to the next anime, which is scheduled to be released in the course of 2023. According to the first rumors, it is actually more of a web anime than the sequel.

According to insiders, TOEI Animation is working on two Dragon Ball-related projects in particular, excluding the next film after DBS Super: Super Hero. The first of them was supposed to be a web anime scheduled for release in 2023 and its The official announcement should arrive in the first half of December.

In addition, this title in particular seems to benefit from an exceptional staff with involvement Chikashi Kubotathe animation director of 'Super Hero', as well as one of the most recognizable faces of TOEI animation on the front of Dragon Ball. This is excellent news that could be summed up in a top-notch technical sector, although the anime in question is not the direct sequel to DB Super.

We'll just have to wait for any confirmations on the case over the next few weeks. And you, on the other hand, what do you think of this news, what are your expectations? Let us know with a comment below.

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