The Kakegurui anime has breathed new life into a series that is enjoying considerable success at home. The original work by Homura Kuwamoto, drawn by Toru Naomura, is to be enriched with a new and special manga, which will be re-edited by the scriptwriter but supported by a new artist. It arrives The war of the greedy witches!

What could happen when the greatest heroines in history are on the same battlefield? Kuwamoto Sensei he tried to imagine it in his new work in collaboration with the artist Makoto Shiozuka, named after the occasion Majo Taisen (The War of the Greedy Witches). The series will focus on 32 female characters, from Joan of Arc to Cleopatra, not forgetting Marie Antoinette and many others.

The big difference is that these heroines are "greedy witches" whose aim is to kill each other. An all-female Battle Royale is expected to appear on the magazine's pages on October 24th Comic Zanon. Either way, you can get a taste of this new series from the preview at the top of the page.

We take this opportunity to finally remind you that the review of the first season of Kakegurui is available on our pages. On the other hand, what do you expect from this new project? Let us know with a comment below.

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