While the manga is now over, the animated series is from The promised Neverland is about to return to the screens with the highly anticipated second season. But those who thought they could leave it out after reading its paper counterpart must change their minds. This series will contain unpublished content.

It doesn't take long for the anime The Promised Neverland to make its long-awaited return, and fans are excited to see what the second series has to offer. According to a new report, the second season of the animated series will be included Untold stories in the manga.

As reported in the last few days by the Shonen Jump News Inofficial Twitter profile, The Promised Neverland will contain 2 original scenes. But apparently these events They will be completely canon;; Kai Shirai is in fact the scriptwriter responsible for the anime.

Despite the end of Emma's adventure, recently it's Ray and Norman, Shirai and Posuka Demizu back to working on the series create a series of one-shot stories that aim to expand the characters' narrative background. Could these stories be included in the animated series? We remind you that the second season of The Promised Neverland will debut in Japan in early January 2021. In this promotional video of The Promised Neverland 2, we discover new details about the plot. A teaser trailer has revealed The Promised Neverland's new opening identity.

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