The battle between 1-A and 1-B continues. When Bakugo arrived in the fourth round, he showed his qualities, but also his growth. The explosive boy and his group blatantly defeated the opponents and quickly made way for them fifth and final battle of this My Hero Academia 5 story arc.

Deku flanked by Ochako Uraraka, Mina Ashido and Minoru Minetahas to take care of Shinso, Monoma and the other guys from 1-B. However, the protagonist of My Hero Academia is concerned about the events of the previous night when the One seemed to have had an explosion of power for all. Everything seems to be under control, however, when Deku finds himself in a unique situation. Uncontrollable streaks of black energy poured from his arm and wreaked havoc on the battlefield.

The 5x10 episode of My Hero Academia, which is available from today on Crunchyroll, therefore showed a new surprising side of One for All, which, however, can get the protagonist in big trouble. Only the intervention of one of the old owners of the idiosyncrasy in the boy's subconscious seems to be able to calm the situation, at least for the moment. along with Shinso's quirk. However, the battle is not yet won.

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