The Koukou Jihen manga reveals the cover of its volume 1

The cover of the first compilation volume of the manga written and illustrated by Hiroto Ouishi, Koukou Jihen. The work adapts the homonymous novels written by Keisuke Matsuoka and the volume will be published in Japan on July 3.

Ouishi started publishing the manga in the magazine Young Ace from the publisher Kadokawa in January of this year. For his part, Matsouka published the first novel in May 2019, followed by a second volume in July of the same year.

Synopsis of Koukou Jihen

The story centers on Yui Yuri, the daughter of a death row inmate for having carried out the "greatest terrorist attack in the Heisei era." At the time, Yui was nine years old and was considered not to have been involved in her father's activities. Now she is a sophomore at Takekura Kosugi High School, where the Japanese Prime Minister and his security team are visiting.

However, a paramilitary force assaults the school and takes the minister and students hostage, without issuing demands. In the midst of this crisis, what can Yui do to get out of there?

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