The platform Amazon listed the third compiled volume of the manga written and illustrated by Kujira, Sekai no Owari to Majo no Koias the last in the series. This volume will go on sale in Japan on October 15th.

Kujira began publishing the manga in the magazine Comic it from the publisher Kadokawa in October 2018. The publisher published the second compiled volume in December 2019.

Synopsis of Sekai no Owari to Majo no Koi

In a world where magic reigns from the shadows, there is a school for witch forms. This mysterious academy trains young sorceresses on the path of revenge against those who only used them as tools. Alice, a child prodigy of magic, lived her life for this purpose until her world is turned upside down when Mari, a human girl without magic, enters the school and her heart.

Source: ANN



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