It was reported that the author Kouhei Nagashii ((Hoshino, I where tsubutte) will begin with the release of a new manga entitled Kemono no Rokuban, in this year's 41st issue of the magazine Weekly Shonen Magazine from the publisher Kodanshanext September 9th.

Nagashii is the writer and illustrator of the manga Hoshino, I where tsubuttepublished in Weekly Shonen Magazine by Kodansha Publishing between April 2016 and July 2018. The publisher has compiled the work in a total of thirteen volumes.

Synopsis of Hoshino, Me wo Tsubutte

Kobayakawa is an antisocial student who leads an exceptionally ordinary life. His only talent is painting portraits, which he often does to let go of his pent-up anger on himself and on life. One day he meets a cute and popular girl named Hoshino who has a secret that nobody but her and her childhood friend knew about.

Sure, that wasn't until he met Kobayakawa. It turned out that her friend did her makeup every day. And now it's up to him to keep that secret to keep Hoshino's social life from falling apart!

Source: Manga Mogura

© 永 椎 晃 著 (著) / KODANSHA 講 談 社


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