The German publisher KAZE manga announced that the compiled volumes of the manga by Takahiro and illustrated by Strelka, Hinowa ga Yuku! (Hinowa ga crush!) will continue to be censored according to the applicable laws of the country. The decision drew several criticisms and found that the publisher licensed the manga without being aware of its content.

Hinowa ga Yuku!

The editor said in a statement: "The portrayal of violence and dehumanizing war crimes has reached a level in the course of history that makes it inevitable to raise the recommended age for the entire book series to β€œRecommended for ages 18+”». In addition, the volumes contain some scenes that Β«can be processed in accordance with Articles 184a and 184bΒ». These two sections of the criminal code (German Criminal Code) include sexual violence against animals and child pornography. It was not revealed which scenes or how many exactly.

The affected sections are to be removed without exception and for all existing volumes as well as for all future volumes of the work without being informed in individual cases. This procedure is intended to prevent publication from being completely banned in Germany. in addition, Takahiro Yes Strelka began publishing the manga in the magazine Monthly big gangan from the publisher Square enix in June 2017.

Synopsis of Hinowa ga Yuku!

On the island of Wakoku, the civil war offers everyone the chance to become a hero: from fishermen to bastard children, everyone can make a name for themselves through the strict ranks of the army. Hinowa, a young woman of extraordinary ability, is determined to do it, but soon realizes that things don't always go according to plan ... More than ten years after a devastating battle, the war continues, and a hair of hair and black Spots appear on the shore ...

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